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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog and Student Handbook 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music, A.A.

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Music Program Mission Statement

The Casper College Music Department provides students with a comprehensive and individualized education to prepare them for lifelong music-making as professional and non-professional musicians while enriching the cultural life of our community

 Music department offerings are not limited to music majors. Students in other programs are encouraged to participate in music department courses, studio lessons, and performing ensembles.

The music department offers three curricula for majors: the Associate of Arts in Music, the Associate of Fine Arts in Music Education, and the Associate of Fine Arts in Instrumental or Vocal Performance.

Casper College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music [www.arts-accredit.org].

The music department collaborates with the department of theatre and dance in offering the Associate of Arts in Musical Theatre Performance. (The recommended curriculum is located in the Theatre and Dance  portion of the catalog.) Casper College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre [www.arts-accredit.org].

Music majors must:

  1. Declare a major instrument;
  2. Enroll in one- or two-credit hours of music studio in the declared instrument and curriculum, which includes studio classes and a final jury;
  3. Perform in at least one major ensemble (usually Concert Band,  ; Collegiate Chorale,  ; or Chamber Orchestra,  ). All students expecting to enroll in “audition only” music ensemble courses must contact the appropriate instructor for permission;
  4. Pass the Piano Proficiency Examination ( ), normally at the conclusion of Class Piano IV ( ). All music majors enroll in the Class Piano sequence, and are placed at the appropriate level as determined by the piano faculty:
  5. Successfully complete a minimum of four semesters of Convocation ( ).
  6. Prior to registering for the music theory course sequence, all prospective music majors must complete the Theory Placement Exam. Students who do not demonstrate entry-level proficiency in music reading and/or aural theory rudiments will enroll in Music Fundamentals (MUSC 1010 ), which is offered concurrently with Written Theory I, Aural Theory I, and Class Piano I, the three courses that form the core of the music theory sequence.

The recommended music curriculum is designed to concentrate on the broad discipline of music within the liberal arts framework. The offerings are also available to those who plan to transfer to a Bachelor of Arts program, as well as those who are interested in enriching their musical experiences.

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Total Program Credits (60 Credits)


The normal length of this program is two academic years at 15-17 credit hours per semester.

Graduation Requirements:

A minimum of 60 approved semester credits are required for graduation. For specific graduation requirements see “Academic Information ” and “Degree Requirements .”

Only courses numbered 1000 or above can be used toward the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Business, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of Applied Science and Associate Degree in Nursing.

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