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CC Policy Manual 
CC Policy Manual

Key Request (5000:30:01)

Section: Physical Plant
Subject: Casper College Key Request
Effective Date: January 1, 1998
Revision Date:
Index: 5000:30:01


The following procedure pertains to the current policy regarding the issuance and control of keys.



A. All requests for keys must be submitted to the Physical Plant office, MA 301 on printed key request cards. These cards are available at the Physical Plant Office, MA 301 or the cards may be sent to departments through the campus mail upon request. Card must be fully completed with the appropriate signature of the issuing authority.

B. Only one key will be issued to any person for a specific lock and only one key will be issued per key request card.

C. The issuing authority for door keys is as follows:

1. Vice presidents and Institutional (CC, UW/CC, UND, etc.) must authorize key requests. Approval of the Physical Plant director is also required.

2. Division or department chairs authorize all other keys (file cabinets, desks, etc.).

3. Any delegation of the above authority must be accomplished by memo to the Physical Plant Office. The memo must identify the specific locations, building/room number, etc. and the person(s) authorized to approve the issuance of such keys. It must include each person’s signature and be signed by the appropriate institutional executive delegating the authority.

D. Key Coordination:

1. Institutional Representatives (UW/CC, UND, etc.): Each campus institution will identify an institutional representative to Physical Plant Management who will approve outside building door keys and multiple copies of keys to key stewards.

2. Department Key Coordinators (See Attachment B): Each campus department/division shall designate an individual to Physical Plant who will be responsible for door key activities such as processing key requests, completing periodic key inventory reports, and informing department employees of procedures.

3. Key Stewards: On a limited basis, and only after Physical Plant has evaluated the requirements and security procedures in place, shall a Department Head be given multiple copies of the same keys. Department Heads are responsible for establishing control procedures for multiple keys placed in their custody. Institutional Representatives shall provide additional approval for these requests. Each year (Jan. 1) a status report of multiple keys will be submitted to the Physical Plant.


A. Door keys must be picked up at the Physical Plant office, located in the MA, Rm 301, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Door keys will not be mailed. Picture ID will be required for pick-up.

B. Keys to desks, cabinets, padlocks etc., may be picked up at Physical Plant office, MA 301 or they will be mailed when specifically requested on the key request card. The key request should include a proper mailing address.

C. Physical Plant will not identify lost keys unless proof of ownership has been established. This may be done by verifying the key number with office files. Found keys or keys no longer in use must be returned to the Physical Plant, MA 301.

D. Keys for special events are issued by the Physical Plant after a special request on the key request card is completed and returned to the Plant office two (2) working days prior to the event. Keys must be checked out by the coordinator of the event and returned the first working day after the event.


A. Faculty and Staff: There is no charge for the initial issuance of keys to faculty and staff.

B. Contractors and Outside Users: A deposit of $10.00 is required for each door key for contractors and outside users. The deposits must be paid when picking up the keys. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the key to Physical Plant.

C. A $10.00 per key fee will be charged to the individual for replacement building door keys.

D. Cost of keys for desks, cabinets, padlocks, etc will be charged to the requesting department. The cost will depend on the type of the keys. For this reason, appropriate account numbers must be included on the work request forms.


A. Notify Physical Plant (extension 2597) and Security (extension 2688) immediately of any lost building door keys. All keys found should be taken to the Physical Plant office in the MA, Rm 301.

B. Physical Plant will document the loss and reissue a building door key for $10.00 each. The loss of all keys will be noted in the permanent key record.

C. Physical Plant will notify Security of lost and reissuance of keys. This may be provided on a weekly computer generated report or immediately depending on the type of key lost.


A. Campus Institutions (CC, UW/CC, UND, etc.) shall implement a key return process for terminating employees that is related to the release of the last paycheck. This process pertains to all Casper College campus key holders. The process will be handled in the following manner.

1. Terminating employees are required to return all campus door keys to the Casper College Physical Plant office and receive a Return Key Form, Attachment C, showing receipt of the keys.

2. This official proof of receipt shall be turned in by the terminating employees to the personnel office. If all other requirements are satisfied, their final paycheck will then be made available to them.

3. Under extreme circumstances the President or Vice Presidents (Deans) may allow exceptions to this process. Exception must be documented by the office approving the exception and forwarded to the Institutional Representative. Keys must be labeled as to building and individual and returned to MA 301 within one week after the employee turns in the keys.


A. The Physical Plant Lockshop is the only authorized group allowed to re-key, alter, or cut keys for college facilities. Outside contractors will not be allowed to re-key, alter, or cut keys for any college facility without the expressed approval of the Asst. V.P. Physical Plant.

B. If a key, including a master, is lost necessitating either a complete building or department re-keying, the responsible individual/institution/department is subject to be charged for the cost of re-keying.

C. When buildings require re-keying, new key request cards will be issued using the procedures indicated above. All old keys must be returned to the Physical Plant office.


Contact institutional key custodians appointed for each building to open interior areas during regular business hours. Contact Casper College Security after regular business hours at extension 2688. Physical Plant personnel do not unlock doors for individuals.


Keys are stamped only with Casper College Physical Plant identification numbers. For security reasons, no additional information will be stamped on a key. Contact the Physical Plant office at extension 2492 with any questions regarding the Key Policy.


  • Name of Person Requesting:
  • Position:
  • Department and Division:
  • Institution:
  • Office, Building, and Room Number:
  • Telephone numbers: Home: Work:
  • REQUESTING KEY FOR BUILDING: Room: Outside:Requesting key for other items (identify):
  • Account # to charge keys to (department):
  • Signature of Requesting individual:
  • Authorized by (See procedure):
  • Dept./Division Institution:
  • and
  • Authorized by (See procedure):
  • Appropriate V.P.
  • Return this form to MA 301 (7:00 am to 4:00 pm M-F) or fax this form to 268-2204 or e-mail this form to



Coordinator is related to the building or area of jurisdiction of a department or division. An example would be an Academic Assistant for the Trades and Technology Division would be responsible for WT & CS buildings along with the faculty and staff in those areas.

Building/Area Coordinator

  • AD (Language & Literature) Kathy Coe
  • AD (Social & Behavioral Sciences) Sue Easton
  • AD All other Departments will need to designate by memo who they desire to coordinate keys.
  • Aux. Service Buildings Barb Meryhew
  • BU Karel Mathisen
  • CS and WT Shelley Norvell
  • FA and VA Deanna Dyer
  • HS Teresa Millan
  • KT Arlis Handeland
  • PS Rachel Wright
  • Student Services Mark Robinson
  • TB Gary Becker
  • TM and EI
  • UND (LS) Sarah Sulzen
  • WA and LS Heath Hornecker
  • Contact Mike Sawyer at the Physical Plant to make any changes to this list.


Name of employee:
Department and Division:
Keys returned in good condition: Yes_____ No______
Physical Plant authorization: Date:
Employee Signature: Date: