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CC Policy Manual 
CC Policy Manual

Accident Reporting (1400:26:01)

Section: Human Resources
Subject: Accident Reporting
Effective Date: April 11, 1995
Revision Date:
Index: 1400:26:01


This procedure pertains to all Casper College employees, including temporary and student employees, who become involved in on-the-job accidents.


The Manager of Payroll and Benefits is responsible for reviewing on-the-job accidents and for ensuring compliance with this procedure.


Employees of Casper College involved in on-the-job accidents resulting in personal injury are required to report the accident to their immediate supervisor and the Payroll and Benefits Office within 24 hours. In the event the accident includes exposure to bloodborne pathogens, the procedure entitled “Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Plan” (2103:10:04) should be consulted.

Employees engaged in extra hazardous occupations, as defined by the State of Wyoming Workers Compensation Division are covered under Workers Compensation. Professional employees, faculty, and clerical are covered under the Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance policy.

When an accident involving injury to a college employee occurs, the employee will be instructed to complete a Workers Report of Accident or Occupational Disease within TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours of the injury along with the Casper College Accident Report Form. In the event the employee is unable to complete the reports, the employee’s immediate supervisor will do so.
Appropriate forms can be obtained at the Payroll and Benefits Office and all copies must be returned within 10 days. Casper College will then complete the Employer’s portion and file the report with the Clerk of Court.

If there is a reason to question whether there is an injury, a statement should be made to the effect that he employee claims a work-related injury, indicating the date of the claimed injury.

Employees involved in accidents resulting in damage to college property will be required to complete only the Casper College Accident Report Form as soon as possible. This form is available at the Payroll and Benefits Office or Security Office and will be reviewed by the Manager of Payroll and Benefits and the Director of Security. Accidents occurring after normal work hours will be reported immediately to Security. If necessary, Security will conduct an accident investigation.