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CC Policy Manual 
CC Policy Manual

Holiday Leave

Holiday Leave Approved Date    5-17-2011
Effective Date    10-1-2011
Revision No.    1.0

1.0    Purpose

This policy establishes guidelines for employees to use holiday leave.

2.0    Revision History

Date Rev. No. Change Ref Section
5-17-11 1.0 Policy rewrite.  
  1.1 Added faculty. 3.1
  1.2 Removed clause about receiving pay if a holiday occurs while the employee is on another paid leave because no docking occurs for the holiday.  

3.0    Persons Affected

3.1    All employees who are eligible to receive employment benefits.

3.2    All employees who are not eligible to receive employment benefits.

4.0    Policy

The policy of Casper College is to ensure the following.

4.1    Benefited employees receive paid holiday leave.

4.2    Non-benefited employees receive unpaid holiday leave.

4.3    Employees take holiday leave in accordance with this policy.

4.4    The college calculates holiday pay based on the employee’s regular pay rate and scheduled hours to work.

4.5    The college does not count holiday pay as hours worked when calculating overtime.

4.6    Employees who work on recognized holidays will be paid regular wages and given a subsequent day of leave. At the discretion of an employee’s supervisor and the director of human resources, an employee who works on a recognized holiday may receive paid regular wages plus additional wages for hours worked.

4.7    Employees who are terminating their employment with the college must return to work or take eligible annual leave for at least one day following a holiday to receive holiday pay.

4.8    Employees on leave of absence without pay do not receive pay for holiday leave.

5.0    Definitions

5.1    Benefited. This group is comprised of employees who are eligible to receive employment benefits from the college.

5.2    Supervisor. The person to whom the employee reports and who has managerial responsibility to make decisions regarding the employee

5.3    Holidays. The college observes nine holidays, which are listed below. If a holiday falls on a Tuesday, the preceding Monday also will be a paid leave day. If a holiday falls on a Thursday, the following Friday also will be a paid leave day. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday will be a leave day. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a leave day. Supervisors will grant a comparable day off for holiday leave to employees who are regularly scheduled to work a schedule other than Monday through Friday. The president may designate other days as holidays.

Independence Day    - 1 day
Labor Day    - 1 day
Thanksgiving    2 days
Winter Holiday (December 25)    - 1 day
New Year’s Day    - 1 day
Equality Day    - 1 day
President’s Day    - 1 day
Spring Holiday (Friday before Western    Christian Easter) - 1 day
Memorial Day    - 1 day

6.0    Responsibilities

6.1    Supervisors are responsible for scheduling holiday leave in a manner that ensures appropriate departmental staffing.

6.2    The director of human resources is responsible for ensuring compliance to this policy.

7.0    Procedures