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CC Policy Manual 
CC Policy Manual

Excused Absences

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It is the policy of Casper College to excuse the absences of students for the following reasons:

  • College-sponsored activities or functions
  • Active military service - see Student Deployment policy
  • Pregnancy and parenting under Title IX
  • Extended illness or hospitalization
  • Observance of religious holidays or holy days
  • Bereavement of an immediate family member (parents, siblings, spouse, and children)
  • Jury duty or court witness leave
  • When the college is closed by the President

Casper College understands that there may be disability-related reasons for missing classes. Any student who requests academic accommodations, including adjustment of attendance policies due to a qualified, documented disability, is encouraged to contact the Disability Services Counselor for additional support.

Instructors may work with students to meet attendance needs that do not fall within this policy. For situations when an absence is not College approved (e.g. job interview, short-term illness, doctor or routine appointment, or other extenuating non-academic circumstances), instructors determine their own approach to missed classes and make-up assessments and assignments.


Excused Absence: a class period or periods missed which must not be counted against any mandatory attendance requirements. Students are not excused from material presented or course work missed during an absence and must consult the syllabus regarding make-up work or instructor-determined equivalent opportunities.

Automatic Withdrawal: Students who have not attended or participated in a course they are enrolled in during the first week of the semester will be automatically dropped from that course at the beginning of the second week.

College-sponsored activities or functions: Activities may include special curricular requirements (academic field trips, academic or professional conferences, field work for class) and representing the college in an official capacity (participation in intercollegiate athletic events, college produced performing arts events, college forensics team, etc.).

  • Potential recognized activities are determined by the faculty or staff sponsor proposing the activity. If any questions arise or further guidance becomes necessary, the sponsor will consult with either the Vice President for Student Services or Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Does not include voluntary student life and college enrichment activities sponsored by the college (e.g. casino night, intramural sports).