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CC Policy Manual 
CC Policy Manual

Equipment Use

Equipment Use

Approved Date    4-17-2018
Effective Date    4-17-2018
    Revision No.    3.0
    Review Date 

1.0    Purpose

This policy establishes guidelines for use of college equipment.

2.0    Revision History

Date Rev. No. Change Ref Section
1-1-12 1.0 Policy rewrite.   
1-1-12 1.4 Assigned the responsibility of lending equipment to the college unit responsible for the equipment.  
4-18-17 2.0 Assigned the responsibility of lending equipment to the vice presidents.  
4-17-18 3.0 Separated the Facilities and Equipment Use policy into two policies.  
4-17-18 3.1 Limited the loaning of college equipment to community organizations. Personal use is prohibited. 3.2, 4.1
4-17-18 3.3 Assigned deans and directors responsibility to develop equipment use plans. 5.4
4-17-18 3.4 Assigned Executive Council members responsibility to review and approve equipment use plans for their areas of responsibility. 5.4

3.0    Persons Affected

3.1    All Casper College employees

3.2    Community organizations that would like to use campus equipment

3.3    Students (Loaning equipment to students that directly relates to the student’s academic program of study is managed by individual departments.)

4.0    Policy

The policy of Casper College is to ensure the following.

4.1    The primary use of college equipment is for Casper College’s programs and operational activities. Personal borrowing or use is prohibited.

4.2    College equipment is the property of the college. No individual or college unit may consider exclusive ownership of any equipment, no matter the funding source.

4.3    College equipment is not used for outside commercial enterprise.

4.4    The college may deny the use of equipment because the use is not in the best interest of the college, goes against public standards, creates an excessive liability, or there are funding or grant limitations.

4.5    Fees are assigned to ensure extenuating costs are covered.

4.6    College equipment is used responsibly to ensure the protection of public assets.

4.7    Any community organization that violates the terms of this policy will be prohibited from future borrowing or use of college equipment, except upon prior approval by an Executive Council member.

5.0    Definitions

5.1    Equipment. All equipment, furnishings, and fixtures owned or leased by the college.

5.2    Commercial Enterprise. Sales or purchases for financial gain.

5.3    Executive Council. This council consists of the president; vice presidents of academic affairs, student services and administrative services; director of information technology; executive dean of continuing education; and director of public relations.

5.4    Unit. A college school, department, or office.

5.5    Equipment Use Plan. A plan that describes equipment available for community organizations to use. Not all equipment is available to use. Personal use of equipment and use of equipment for commercial enterprise is prohibited. The plan must include what equipment is available for use, check-out and check-in procedures, replacement of consumables items, and procedures to address lost or damaged equipment. The appropriate Executive Council member must approve the plan before lending equipment to an outside organization.

5.6    Equipment Use Agreement. This form outlines the responsibilities and terms for loaning Casper College equipment.

5.7    Consumables. Goods that can be depleted, destroyed, or worn out by use.

5.8    Liability Insurance. An insurance policy that protects the insured from the risk of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and other similar claims. All community organizations must provide proof of organizational general liability insurance that names Casper College, its trustees, officers, and employees as the insured or additional insured under the policy. The college reserves the right to require additional types or higher limits of liability insurance coverage if the equipment use warrants greater prudence. Government users that are exempt from indemnification requirements under Wyoming Public Law must provide a letter of liability coverage under the state policy.

The college will not loan equipment that carries a high risk of use as determined by an Executive Council member.

6.0    Responsibilities

6.1    Executive Council members are responsible for ensuring compliance to this policy.

6.2    Deans and directors are responsible for developing equipment use plans and securing required approval.

7.0    Procedures

7.1    Deans and directors develop use plans for equipment under their control and secure written approval for their plans from the appropriate Executive Council member.

7.2    Authorized employees under an approved use plan may loan equipment to a community organization following the guidelines of the plan. An authorized employee and the representative of the community organization must sign an Equipment Use Agreement prior to the loaning of any equipment.