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CC Policy Manual 
CC Policy Manual

Website Privacy Management and Opt-Out

Website Privacy Management and Opt-Out Approved Date    10-18-2016
    Effective Date    10-18-2016
    Revision No.    1.0

1.0    Purpose

This policy establishes guidelines for communicating and safeguarding the privacy of individuals using the college’s website.

2.0    Revision History

Date Rev. No. Change Ref Section
10-18-16 1.0  New policy.  

3.0    Persons Affected

3.1    Casper College schools, departments, employees, and students who send mass communications from information captured on official Casper College websites.

3.2    Visitors to official Casper College websites.

4.0    Policy

The policy of Casper College is to ensure the following.

4.1    The college maintains a website privacy policy that describes the capture and use of visitor’s internet usage information. The policy is available on the Casper College homepage.

4.2    Casper College websites collect usage data to align the website content, design, and services with the needs of those accessing the site, respond to information requests, aid in the sale of products or services, and facilitate the application for admission to Casper College.

4.3    The college’s website privacy policy abides by all local, state, and federal laws.

5.0    Definitions

5.1    Casper College Brand. The official Casper College brand includes the use of the name, slogans, logos, photos, videos, colors, graphics and design, registered trademarks, fonts and combination of typefaces, signs and wayfinding, and writing style. The brand guidelines are found in the Casper College Brand Standards Manual and the Casper College Style Guide.

5.2    Remarket. Use of data for internet advertising, acquired through external websites to reach people who have previously visited official Casper College websites.

5.3    User-Provided Information. Personally identifiable information required to fulfill a request for information, purchase a service or product, process an application for admission, or other similar functions.

5.4    Website. A location connected to the internet that maintains one or more web pages.

5.5    Internet Marketing Firms. Independent companies that offer and maintain internet tracking and data acquisition technologies and algorithms and databases (advertising networks) to enhance their data in a manner useful to marketers in determining visitor demographics, purchasing behaviors, and other information to remarket. These types of companies offer analytics services that allow for the efficient reporting of website traffic, and they maintain their own policies on data usage and services. The data they collect does not include information that may be considered private; however, it may include IP (internet protocol) addresses.

5.6    Opt-Out. The right of individuals to exclude themselves from receiving Casper College communications or in having their data captured by Casper College websites. The term also describes a process individuals take to exclude themselves from receiving Casper College communications.

6.0    Responsibilities

6.1    Public Relations (PR) is responsible for managing the official Casper College websites.

6.2    The director of public relations is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy.

7.0    Procedures

7.1    PR will develop and maintain a website privacy policy in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and requirements made by internet marketing firms. Access to the Website Privacy policy will be prominently displayed on each of the official Casper College websites.

7.2    The internet marketing firms selected by Casper College will collect user data, which PR will use according to the website privacy policy. PR uses analytics to improve the college websites and advertising and content strategies. Reports generated by PR that include website data will include aggregated data only and exclude any information that could be used to potentially identify an individual.

7.3    PR will develop and maintain an opt-out process that allows individuals to exclude themselves from Casper College communications. This process will be visible on each mass email communication PR sends and on all official Casper College websites. Where possible, PR will provide an automatic opt-out request typically held within the internet browser add-on software.

Casper College websites may include links to external websites or embedded webpages or applications managed by independent companies. The college is not responsible for the privacy practices of independent websites; however, the college will ensure links to independent sites and embedded webpages are consistent with its privacy standards and practices. Casper College may use warnings to alert users when they are leaving Casper College’s website(s) covered under the college’s Website Privacy policy.

7.4    Individuals should direct any complaints or concerns about privacy or the management of official Casper College websites to the director of PR.