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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Payment and Deadlines

Charges for tuition and fees for a semester are due and payable at the time of registration. The college must receive full payment no later than the payment deadline. Accounts not paid or without payment arrangements by the deadline will be subject to additional fees and possible submission for collection. Payment information regarding each semester is available in the current semester schedule or online at

Student Responsibility: Upon registering for class, students become liable for incurred charges, for knowing the correct tuition and fees owed, for verifying the status and balance of their account, and for payment of all charges prior to payment deadlines.

Students whose home institution is the University of Wyoming or any of Casper College’s university partnerships and who are concurrently enrolled in Casper College courses, are required to pay Casper College tuition directly to Casper College by the Casper College payment deadline.

Nonattendance does not constitute a withdrawal. Students must notify the registrar if they will not be attending courses for which they are registered. Failure to pay tuition and fees does not constitute a withdrawal. Students are responsible for charges incurred to the date of formal withdrawal according to the refund schedule.

Students are responsible for contacting the Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) prior to the deadline to make payment arrangement, if their federal financial aid or any other source of funding, including financial aid issued by another institution, trust fund distribution, or payment by employer or other parties, will not be available prior to a payment deadline. Students should verify that all expected financial aid has been credited to their account prior to due dates to avoid extension/late payment fees. Note: Casper College tuition will not be deducted from financial aid issued by another institution. Failure to make payment or arrangements will result in extension charges.

Statements are mailed prior to the start of a semester and monthly thereafter. Students are responsible for maintaining a current address on file with Enrollment Services. If a student does not receive a statement of account, it is the student’s responsibility to request a statement from ARM and make payment by the payment deadline. Students can view account information online through Web Advisor at A Casper College username and password are required.

Failure to make payment by a published due date will result in extension and late payment fees. These fees will not be waived because a student did not receive a statement.

Tuition payments may be made by telephone with a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover card, by mail, online through WebAdvisor at (a Casper College username and password are required), or in person during regular office hours. To avoid additional charges, students should verify that Casper College has received payments made by mail.

An authorization to bill for a student’s tuition and fees will be accepted from government agencies, such as DVR, or a student’s employer. The authorization must be on file in AFM prior to the payment deadline to avoid extension/late payment fees. Casper College will bill the third party according to the terms of the authorization and payment will be due within 30 days from the date of billing. The student is responsible for timely payment of any fees not covered by the authorization, extension/late payment fees assessed as a result of the authorization not received prior to due dates, and the account balance if the third party fails to pay the amount authorized and billed.

Casper College Payment Plan: Casper College offers a three-payment plan for each fall and spring semester. A two-payment plan is available for the summer semester. Payment Plan Agreements are available through the Casper College website and the AFM. Refer to or contact AFM for details.

When payment of an account balance or payment plan is past due, a hold is placed on the student’s records. Any account with an outstanding balance, regardless of arrangements, will have a hold placed on the student’s records. This will prevent any new registrations, issuance of academic transcripts, etc. A hold will not be released unless payment is made in full with collected funds (cash, cashier’s check, credit card, or money order). If the debt is paid with a personal check, there will be a two-week delay from the date of deposit prior to the hold being released. Students who incur a debt to Casper College during a semester, after registering for a subsequent semester, will have a hold placed on their other records. The college will delete subsequent semester registrations for students who do not pay their debt by the due date on the billing statement for that debt.

An account that has not met payment requirements may be referred for collection at any time. Collection costs may be added to the outstanding balance. Accounts may be assessed court costs and attorney’s fees incurred as a result of collection efforts. There will be no adjustments to or petition consideration given on an outstanding balance after the account has been referred for collection. Once an account is turned over for collection, all payments must be made to the collection center.

Referral for collection will adversely affect a student’s credit at Casper College. In the future, they will be required to prepay tuition before registering for courses and will not be permitted to use a payment plan.


Refunds are available for tuition and fees, room, and board under specific criteria.

A. Tuition and Fees

Refer to current semester credit class schedule or to for refund information. To receive a refund or adjustment, the drop or withdrawal from the course(s) must occur by the deadlines listed in the current semester class schedule or at For courses that meet for less than a full semester, the number of days in each refund period of the standard full semester refund policy is proportionately applied to the length of a less than full semester course to determine the length of time for a 100, 75, and 50 percent refund periods. Check with AFM for the refund percentage that will apply on the day the course is dropped. See “Complete Withdrawals ” for required procedures and definitions of official withdrawal date.

Refunds will be calculated following the end of the refund period and AFM will mail refund checks to the student. Credit will be issued to the credit card account for payments made by credit card.

Students should submit a petition to the vice president for Student Services for an exception to the refund policy. Petition forms are available in the Gateway Building, third floor, or call 307-268-2323 or visit

B. Room Refund

Room charges are not refunded after August 24, 2014 for fall semester and after January 19, 2015 for spring semester unless a student withdraws entirely from Casper College. Students who withdraw entirely will be refunded 75 percent during the first two weeks of the semester; 50 percent for the third week; and 25 percent the fourth week. No refunds will be made after the 25 percent deadline. Students who move off campus and continue enrollment at Casper College are accountable for the entire room charge and will forfeit their $200 deposit.

C. Board Contracts

The college will refund 100 percent of the unused portion of the board contract up to 30 days prior to the end of the semester.

D. Grant, Loan or Scholarship Repayment

Students who receives grant, loan, or scholarship funds but attend no classes must repay the full amount of such funds. Students who receives such funds and attend classes but withdraw from college must make repayment of such funds in accordance with the appropriate refund and repayment policy. Award repayments are deducted from any available tuition, room, and board refunds. Any balance due the college is billed to the student and any balance due the student is refunded to the student.


The Casper College Board of Trustees reserves the right to alter tuition, fees, and room and board at any time by the amount necessary to maintain the institution.

Miscellaneous Fees

Studio Music (private lessons, per credit hour) $90
Fitness Center Courses (per credit hour) $30
Continuing Education Courses (fees vary)  
Other (as detailed in the term class schedule)  


Books and Supplies

Textbooks and required special course supplies are available for purchase at the Follett Bookstore located on the first floor in the Student Union. Costs will vary per course.


Casper College participates in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program. Through WUE, students who are legal residents of other WICHE states may enroll in Casper College programs at WUE rates (150 percent of the Wyoming resident tuition plus the standard per credit student fees). WUE information may be obtained through Enrollment Services.

  • Nebraska residents are eligible to enroll in Casper College programs at WUE rates.

Casper College graduates may generally enroll as students under the same terms at designated institutions and programs in other participating states. Information about programs in other states may be obtained from the WICHE Office, P.O. Box 3432, University Station, Laramie, Wyoming 82071 or by calling (307) 766-6556.

Tuition & Fees (2014-15)

  Full-time/Semester* Per Credit Hour*
Wyoming Residents $1296 $108
Out-of-State $3288 $274
WUE $1788 $149
* All amounts include a $25 per credit hour fee for publications, athletics, student government, student health, etc. The maximum fee assessed per semester is $300 (12 cr hrs x $25)


Room and Board (2014-15)

Fall and Spring Semester

Per Semester DBL w/private bath* Occupancy/19 Meals Per Week DBL w/private bath* Occupancy/15 Meals Per Week DBL w/private bath* Occupancy/10 Meals Per Week Wheeler Terrace (2 occupants per apartment/19 Meals Per Week)
ROOM $1600 $1600 $1600 $2475
BOARD $1425 $1425 +$100 Flex Bucks $1270 +$100 Flex Bucks $1425
A 50 meal plan commuter plan is available for non-residence hall students for $500 per semester