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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Award Recipients

Rosenthal Outstanding Educator Award

Judy Cavanagh [1987]
Director, Nursing Programs

Richard R. Means [1987]
Director, Testing

F.E. “Skip” Gillum [1988]
Chair, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Michael H. Sarvey [1988]
Chair, Business

Lynn Munns [1989]
Art Instructor and Division Chair

Jean G. Wheatley [1989]
Director, Athletics/Physical Education Instructor

Albert E. “Al” Allen [1990]
Geology Instructor

Paul L. Wolz [1990]
English, German, and Humanities Instructor

James Gaither [1991]
Art History and Painting Instructor

Helon H. Raines [1991]
English and Writing Center Director

Thomas Empey [1992]
Director, Theater

Lynda Durham [1993]
Spanish Instructor

Gale Alexander [1994]
Director/Instructor, Communication Program

Mary Kubichek [1994]
Legal Assistant Instructor

Roger Fenner [1995]
Music Instructor

Cheryl Wrasper [1995]
Nursing Instructor

Willard Robinson [1996]
Biology Instructor

Gary Becker [1996]
Physical Education, Business Instructor, Women’s Basketball Coach

Pete Wildman [1997]
Mathematics Instructor

Kelly Burch [1997]
Agriculture Instructor

Ebba Stedillie [1998]
Communication, English Instructor

Eric Unruh [1998]
Music (Piano) Instructor

Joan Bangen [1999]
Early Childhood Education Instructor

Gerald Nelson [1999]
Physical Science Department Chairperson

David Arndt [2000]
Electronic Technology Instructor

Gretchen Wheeler [2000]
Communication, Theatre, Forensics Instructor

Douglas Crowe [2001]
Biology Instructor

Clare Eastes [2001]
Education Instructor

Megan Graham [2002]
Electronics Technology Instructor

Nancy Wright [2002]
Business Office Technology Instructor

Erich Frankland [2003]
Political Science Instructor

Grant Wilson [2003]
Language and Literature Division Chair

Ruth Doyle [2004]
Education/Psychology Instructor

Mark Steinle [2004]
Construction/Welding Instructor

C. Evert Brown [2005]
Biology Instructor

Kerri Mahlum [2005]
Early Childhood Education Instructor

Mellissa Connely [2006]
Geology Instructor

Barbara Mueller [2006]
Anthropology & Sociology Instructor

William Mixer [2007]
Director, Environmental Training and Resource Center

Ann Rognstad [2007]
English and Reading Instructor

Chad Hanson [2008]
Sociology Instructor

Jianjun He [2008]
Music Theory Instructor

Richard Burk [2009]
Theatre Instructor

Lesley Travers [2009]
Addictionology Instructor

Garth Shanklin [2010]
Psychology Instructor

Jean Tichenor [2010]
Music (vocal) Instructor

Shawn Powell [2011]
Psychology Instructor

Kent Sundell [2011]
Geology Instructor

Liz Ott [2012]
Accounting Instructor

Patrick Patton [2012]
Music Instructor

Jared Bowden [2013]
Physics Instructor

Jessica Hurless [2013]
Communication Instructor

Dale Anderson [2014]
Fire Science Instructor

Heath Hornecker [2014]
Agriculture Instructor

Outstanding Administrator Award

A. LeRoy Strausner [1989]
Dean of Students

Paul E. Hallock [1990]
Director, Planning and Development

Stan McDowell [1991]
Director, Intramurals

Garth Shanklin (1992)
Director, Counseling

R. Lynnette Anderson [1993]
Director, College Library

Russell Poppen [1994]
Director, Student Placement/Career Services

Jenny Black [1995]
Admissions Coordinator

Darry Voigt [1996]
Director, Student Financial Aid

William Landen [1997]
Director, College Relations

Lynn Fletcher [1999]
Registrar/Coordinator Admissions and Student Records

Linda (King) Toohey [2000]
Director, Admission Services

Shirley Jacob [2001]
Grants Coordinator

Ron Mathisen [2002]
Buildings Maintenance Supervisor

Jim Ochiltree [2003]
Vice President Student Services

Mark Robinson [2004]
Campus Security Director

Barb Meryhew [2005]
Director, Housing/Student Activities

Janet de Vries [2006]
Director, Career Services

Kevin Anderson [2007]
Western History/Automation Specialist

Kim Byrd [2009]
Student Success Coordinator

Lois Davis [2010]
Dean, Educational Resources

Alison McNulty [2011]
Registrar/Director of Admissions and Student Records

Robyn Landen [2012]
Director of Financial Services/Controller

Teresa Wallace [2013]
Director of Counseling

Donna Sonesen [2014]
Director of Early Childhood Learning Center

Robert Durst Classified Staff Award

Sarah Sulzen [2007]
Academic Assistant, Life Science

Kathy Coe [2008]
Academic Assistant, Language and Literature

Mary Lewellan [2009]
Student Success Specialist

Robert Taylor [2010]
HVAC Technician

Glenda Pullen [2011]
Executive Asst. Vice President - Academic Affairs

Mike McLemore [2012]
AV Media Instruction Technician

Belle Stapleton [2013]
Custodial Crew Leader

Melody Dugan [2014]
Office Assistant Adult Learning Center

Garth Shanklin Faculty Leadership Excellence Award

Cammy Rowley [2014 Full-time Faculty]
Early Childhood Education Instructor

Gail Schenfisch [2014 Adjunct Faculty]
Sign Language Instructor