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Catalog 2013-2014 
Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Admission Policies

Student Classification

Casper College students are classified according to their educational objectives and college credits earned.

Degree Seeking: those students in programs leading to an associate degree, a certificate of completion, or transfer to another college or university. Students are further classified as freshman (a student who has earned a total of fewer than 30 semester hours of degree credit) or sophomore (a student who has earned a total of 30 or more semester hours of degree credit).

Nondegree Seeking: those students who at the time they register have no degree or certificate objective. A student may change this status for a subsequent term by completing requirements for admission. Nondegree seeking students are NOT eligible for most forms of student financial assistance.

In each semester students are categorized according to semester credit hour load.

Full-time: registered for 12 or more semester hours (six in summer term),

Part-time: registered for fewer than 12 semester hours (fewer than six in summer term).

Only degree-seeking, full-time students are eligible to:

  • hold student senate executive offices;
  • be included on the President’s Honor Roll.

Admission Requirements: degree-seeking student

Casper College may admit as a degree-seeking student:

1.  New College Student:

  1. A graduate of an accredited Wyoming high school with a high school diploma;
  2. A graduate of an accredited high school located outside the State of Wyoming whose diploma is recognized by the state in which the high school is located, and has attained a C (2.0) average or better high school grade point average;
  3. A student, 16 years of age or older who presents a high school equivalency diploma as evidenced by the successful completion of the General Education Development (GED) test or other recognized secondary school completion test;
  4. A student, 16 years of age or older, who has completed a home school or other secondary school program of learning and who provides COMPASS or ACT test scores that have been taken within the previous 12 month period and that are at or above the following levels: ACT scores of 13 or better on the English portion and 13 or better on the Math portion and a composite score of 13; COMPASS scores of 44 or better on the pre-algebra/numerical skills portion and 63 or better on the reading portion and 39 or better on the writing portion.

2.  Transfer Student:

  1. A high school graduate who meets one of the criteria above and is transferring from another accredited college who presents an official transcript from all colleges attended and who has attained a C (2.0) or better grade point average from the college last attended;
  2. A student who has completed an associate degree acceptable for full-credit towards a bachelor’s degree, or a student who has completed a bachelor’s degree;.

Admission process: degree-seeking students

The applicant must apply for admission and submit to Enrollment Services the necessary documentation (described below) to be provisionally or fully admitted prior to the first day of the semester. Students who do not comply with this deadline may choose to register nondegree seeking, but may not be admitted as degree seeking during the same semester.

Documentation to be submitted:

  1. a complete application for admission;
  2. an official transcript of the student’s high school record with the date of graduation or GED;
  3. (transfer students) a transcript of records from all colleges attended.


  1. A transfer student may not be required to furnish a high school transcript if the student has earned 30 college credits with a 2.0 when the credits are acceptable for transfer.
  2. It is recommended that all applicants have an American College Test (ACT) assessment or COMPASS score, which has been taken within one year of registration, on file prior to registration. The results from these assessments are used in advisement and required for course placement in English and math. Students seeking admission into the nursing program are required to have ACT or COMPASS scores on file. Students who plan to complete courses towards a certificate program may be exempt from placement tests. Transfer students who have already completed English and/or math requirements for their degree may not be required to have these scores on file. Check with the Enrollment Services office.

Admission Requirements: nondegree-seeking student

Casper College may admit as a nondegree-seeking student:

  1. A high school junior or senior* who possesses the ability to complete college work satisfactorily and has permission of the high school to enroll in college coursework [* exceptions may be granted for those registered in one of the Accelerated College Education (ACE) courses articulated with the Natrona County School District (NCSD) so long as the course is offered through a college department that specifically allows such exceptions with their articulation agreement];
  2. Any person 16 years of age or older who has no immediate degree or certificate objective.

International Student Admission

Steps to Casper College Admission:

  1. Fill out and complete (submit) the application for admission and campus housing. The applications may be obtained from our website at www.caspercollege.edu.
  2. Submit TOEFL scores: a minimum of 500, paper based, 61 Internet Based (IBT) or 173 Computer based is required.
  3. Submit test placement scores – ACT, SAT or COMPASS
  4. Submit transcripts (translated if not in English) verifying the equivalent of a high school diploma or leaving certificate and all college transcripts if you have attended college elsewhere.
  5. Submit documentation of immunization – Measles, Mumps & Rubella vaccinations
  6. Complete the financial statement and have your bank official verify the information.
  7. Complete and submit the International Student Insurance application.
  8. Submit deposit of: tuition and fees-$3120; room & board-$2910; damage deposit-$200; insurance-$872; total of $7102. If for some reason you do not attend Casper College, the deposit will be refunded, or if students choose to live off-campus, the housing deposit will be refunded upon arrival. These are approximate amounts and may vary slightly.
  9. After Casper College receives all of the above documents, deposits, etc., and the application file is complete, you will be issued an acceptance letter and Casper College will issue you a Form I-20. This will give you F-1 student status. Once you receive the Form I-20, you can make the embassy appointment for your visa interview.
  10. Once you arrive in the US and come to Casper, Wyoming, you will be expected to check in at the Enrollment Services office to meet with the International Student Advisor to collect your documents, register for classes, take your photo for a student ID and receive information about International Student Orientation.

MMR Immunization

In accordance with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the United States Public Health Service, Casper College equires proof of immunization with MMR prior to registration of six hours or more of credit or employment. Persons born in 1957 or later must show proof of immunization after 15 months of age. Persons born prior to 1957 are considered to be immune.

Acceptable proof of immunization: 1) a signed physician statement, on office letterhead, verifying that the student has a history of having been diagnosed with all THREE of the diseases; 2) an official, signed statement documenting laboratory evidence of immunity for all THREE diseases; 3) immunization record showing MMR was given at 15 months of age or later; 4) birth date prior to 1957.

Contraindications to immunization are anaphylactic reaction to egg or neomycin, pregnancy and altered immune status.

Exemptions may be granted on medical or religious grounds. A medical practitioner’s statement of medical contraindications (i.e., anaphylactic reaction to eggs or neomycin, pregnancy and altered immune status) to immunization will be submitted to and maintained by the Student Health Office. A religious exemption from the MMR, based on a signed statement of conflicts with truly held and genuine religious tenets and religious practices, will be submitted to and maintained by the Student Health. Should a MMR vaccine preventable disease outbreak occur on campus anyone with exemption status will be excluded from campus during the course of the outbreak. An MMR immunization can be obtained at the public health service, through a private physician or at the student health service, but must be validated prior to registration. Any fees for immunizations are the students’ responsibility at the time of service.

Any exemption from the MMR immunization is only applicable to admission to Casper College. It does not extend to any program, course, clinical or internship/cooperative work experience offerings in which an accrediting agency or third party site provider requires the MMR immunization.

Resident Status

The following regulations govern the classification of students as resident or nonresident for the purpose of fee assessment at Casper College and conform to the Wyoming Community College Commission policy which governs the state’s seven community colleges.

  1. This residence policy shall be published in catalogs of the college districts:
    1. A student previously classified as a nonresident may be reclassified any time prior to the end of the published refund period of any term if he/she qualifies.
    2. A student who is classified as a resident by one Wyoming community college will be considered a resident at all Wyoming community colleges.
  2. Classification procedures:
    1. Residence classification shall be made for each student at the time the application for admission is accepted and whenever a student has not been in attendance for more than one semester.
    2. Only individuals or their legal dependents, who are U.S. citizens or in an emigrant status, may qualify for residency.
    3. Community college districts may require applicants to supply information to document residency status.
  3. Residence – Any of the following may be used by a student and would result in an individual being classified or reclassified as a Wyoming resident for tuition purposes:
    1. A graduate of a Wyoming high school or GED who enrolls in a community college within 12 months of high school graduation.
    2. An individual who can provide written verification that he/she has lived in Wyoming continuously for one year prior to enrolling. Time spent residing in on-campus housing does not apply to this criteria.
    3. A legal dependent under the age of 24, or spouse of a resident of the State of Wyoming who qualifies as a resident based upon this policy.
    4. A legal dependent under the age of 24 of a Wyoming community college graduate.
    5. A student who marries a Wyoming resident shall be granted resident classification at the beginning of the next term following the marriage.
    6. An individual on active duty in Wyoming with the United States Armed Forces, Wyoming National Guard or Reserves and his/her legal dependents.
    7. An individual who can provide written verification from an employer that he/she will be employed full-time for an anticipated period of not less than seven months, and such employment is the principle means of support. The written verification must be on company stationery, signed by the owner, manager or human resources department head, indicate the date, identify the employment start date, the employee’s status (full-time, parttime), and state that it is expected that the employment will be continuous for no less than seven months.
    8. Persons temporarily absent from the state due to military service, attendance at educational institutions, or other types of documented temporary absences, will not have their resident status voided by such absence.
  4. Exceptions – In accordance with W.S. 21-17-105, an individual who does not reside in Wyoming may be considered a resident for tuition purposes if he/she meets all of the following criteria:
    1. Has been employed in Wyoming for at least seven months, and such employment is the applicant’s principal means of support;
    2. Pays Wyoming property taxes;
    3. Resides in a state with a similar law;
    4. Is willing to submit an afidavit to the above.

Any questions should be directed to the Enrollment Services office, 307 268-2111.