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2020-2021 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Accounting and Financial Management

Nolte Gateway Center, third floor
307-268-2622 or www.caspercollege.edu/business-office

The Accounting and Financial Management Office is where students can get assistance with billing and payment questions. Tuition, fees, room, and board payments are due by the 10th day of the semester (the fifth day for summer school). Students can set up a payment plan by logging in to their myCCinfo account and go to Student Finance>Student Payments/Payment Plans. Visit the AFM website Payment Instructions tab for details.

Most financial aid is transmitted to the student’s account where AFM deducts charges and processes refunds if there are excess funds. The 13th day of the semester is the earliest day excess funds may be released. Students may request direct deposit of excess funds or the college will mail a check to the address on file. Visit the AFM website Refund Policies tab for details.

Students may receive short-term loans up to $300, buy stamps, cash checks, and have documents notarized. Loans are by request and subject to approval. Students may cash personal or family member checks for up to $25 per day. Checks must be made out to Casper College and you must present a photo ID to cash a check.



Student Union, first floor
307-268-2202 or www.bkstr.com/casperstore/home

The Jack McCann College Store carries new and used textbooks, digital textbooks, school supplies, study aids, clothing, gift items, software, greeting cards, and snacks. The store is open Monday through Friday with additional evening hours at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. To avoid long lines, students should purchase their books at least two weeks before classes start. To see the required books for a course, students should locate their schedule in WebAdvisor or myCCinfo by clicking on each course.

Students with approved financial aid may be able to charge textbooks to their financial aid excess funds. Excess funds are what remains after all institutional charges are paid (tuition/fees, room/board, etc.). Bookstore charging opens three weeks before the first day of class and ends at the end of the first week of classes each semester.

Keep all receipts, and check with the store for information on their return policy. The store may buy back textbooks at the end of the semester, depending on the need and condition of the book.

Campus Housing

Student Union, Room 402
307-268-2394 or www.caspercollege.edu/housing

Residence Halls. Casper College recommends the on-campus living experience as an integral part of the educational process but does not require students to live on-campus. Campus housing is provided in the residence hall complex and Wheeler Terrace Apartments for full-time (minimum 12 credits), unmarried, degree-seeking students. The residence hall complex has double- and single-occupancy rooms, each with a private bathroom. Wheeler Terrace is an apartment-style complex with two-bedroom units that the college leases to students by the bedroom (meaning the student is on an individual contract for their half of the apartment).

Research indicates that students who choose to live on campus have higher GPAs than students who live off-campus. Living on campus provides students with convenience and access to additional academic and social support resources. Students residing on campus are expected to adhere to the Student Handbook and the Terms and Conditions document, which governs on-campus housing.
Students who live in the residence hall complex are required to purchase a cafeteria meal plan. Wheeler Terrace residents are not required to purchase a meal plan but are welcome to do so if they choose.

A $200 deposit must accompany each application for residence hall reservations. Students sign a contract for the full length of the academic year upon application submission. The Terms and Conditions specify allowable contract release terms. Contact the Student Life Office at 307-268-2394 for additional information about campus housing.

Student Apartments. In addition to the residence hall complex and the Wheeler Terrace Apartments, Casper College has two apartment complexes that provide one-bedroom apartment living. The Civic Apartments are unfurnished and the Thorson Apartments are fully furnished (bed, dresser, nightstand, kitchen table and chairs, sofa, etc.). Civic and Thorson apartments are available to non-freshman students who are enrolled in at least 9 credits. Spouses or significant others can live in these units, but these units are not able to accommodate children.

The Civic and Thorson apartments run on a 12-month lease term from August 1 to July 31. Rent is $650 per month and includes utilities, internet service, and cable TV service. A $200 damage deposit is required at the time of application.

Career Services

Nolte Gateway Center, third floor
307-268-2662 or www.caspercollege.edu/career

Career Services assists students and alumni to:

  • Explore educational and career goals such as choosing a major or career path
  • Develop resumes and cover letters 
  • Prepare and practice for an interview 
  • Research options for advanced education or training
  • Find a job or internship
  • Access information on transferring to a university after graduation.

Jobs On Campus

Student employment positions allow students to earn money while attending college. These positions typically have flexible hours and most supervisors are able to work with your class schedule. Work hours can range from 5 to 19 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. Students can work 40 hours per week during the summer; however, if doing so, they must take off at least 80 hours during their summer employment dates to maintain the college’s healthcare compliance. Student employment opportunities are available across campus in various departments and offices. Jobs titles and duties are dependent on department needs but may include office assistant, kitchen assistant, teacher’s assistant, help desk technician, etc. Students who wish to work on campus must meet certain eligibility criteria, including at least one of the following:

  • Enrolled (or in the case of summer employment, registered for fall semester) at Casper College or one of its partnership institutions for six or more credit hours
  • Degree seeking
  • International students with a student visa whose I-20 issuing institution is Casper College
  • Graduated from Casper College or one of its partnership institutions in May and working during the summer after graduation
  • A high school student taking ACE classes
  • Federal work study students may have other requirements and must confirm their eligibility with the Enrollment Services office

Additional information and a list of current openings for on campus positions is available at http://www.caspercollege.edu/student-success/on-campus-employment 

Jobs off Campus 

Employers in the Casper community and throughout the State of Wyoming advertise openings with career services to target current students and those who have recently graduated. Jobs range from full-time benefited positions to temporary positions that offer students the opportunity to earn some quick cash. Visit the Student Success Center or our website at http://www.caspercollege.edu/student-success/job-postings for currently available positions.

Computer Labs


There are Windows and Mac computer labs available on campus for general student access, and several departmental computer labs. Consult a department member to determine departmental computer lab availability. Computer labs have word processing, spreadsheet and database software, and internet access. Software used for specific disciplines is available in certain labs. Go to Computer Labs for a list of computer lab locations, hours, and software.

Counseling Services

Union/University building, Wellness Center, Room 202
307-268-2267 or www.caspercollege.edu/wellness-center/counseling-services

Common concerns among college students include stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, adjusting to college, life transitions, and developing positive academic and personal skills. Professional counselors assist students in examining and resolving concerns that may interfere with educational and personal success.

Assistance is available to address mental health issues, grief and loss, interpersonal difficulties, emotion and mood management, personal growth and well-being, and more. Campus counselors offer individual, couples, and group counseling, consultations, and crisis intervention. These services are free and confidential for students enrolled at Casper College, UW-Casper, UND, and other on-campus affiliate programs. Talk with the counseling staff to see if these services are right for you. They may be able to help or provide a referral to someone who can.

Digital Learning Center

Liesinger Hall, Room 132
307-268-3882 or www.caspercollege.edu/dlc

The Digital Learning Center supports online and hybrid courses and classroom audiovisual technologies. They provide comprehensive training for employees and students in required and commonly used technologies, such as Moodle, Google Apps for Education, Microsoft Office, and YouTube.

Distance education refers to courses offered outside of a traditional classroom setting including online courses, which are taught entirely online and are identified as section N1, N2, etc. and NET under the delivery mode. Hybrid courses are a combination of online and in-class instruction and are identified as section H1, H2, etc. and LAL and NET under delivery mode. Online and hybrid courses require the same prerequisites, admissions and registration procedures, and learning objectives as on-campus courses and they follow the academic calendar. Students must have internet access to take an online or hybrid course. Some courses require proctored exams.

Disability Services

Nolte Gateway Center, Student Success Center, Room 344
307-268-2557 or www.caspercollege.edu/about/accommodative

Casper College may not exclude any students with an ADA or Section 504 qualified disabling condition from any course or course of study because of a disability. Students may request disability services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 by contacting the disability services counselor. Students should schedule an appointment with the disability services counselor to discuss qualifications and services to set up accommodations. Students must provide documentation of a disability to qualify for services. A psychological evaluation is the preferred documentation but other types, such as an official letter from a qualified professional, can suffice. Contact the disability services counselor for appropriate alternatives.

The college needs at least 72 hours of advanced planning to meet a request for services and a minimum of a two-week notice if we have to order adaptive equipment or special services. Accommodations for students may include extended time on a test, testing in a distraction-free environment, scriber, spell checker, digital recorder, materials in an alternate format, books on tape, reader, sign language interpreter, priority seating, appropriate tables and chairs, smart pens, smartphone apps, iPad apps, etc.


Early Childhood Learning Center

307-268-2586 or www.caspercollege.edu/eclc

The Thorson Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) is accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs and licensed by the Wyoming Department of Family Services. They provide early childhood education, childcare services, and parenting education programs for the Casper College campus community members. The staff, in partnership with the parents, nurture and encourage the physical, emotional, social, and educational development of the children. The ECLC also serves as an educational laboratory site for students.

The ECLC can accommodate 52 children ages birth through 6 years. They are open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays when school is in session. Fees vary according to the child’s age and are available on the website. There is a $35 per semester registration fee and a $35 one-time, prepayment for childcare. Per-semester registration fees and prepayment are non-refundable. Fees, prepayment, and rates are subject to change without notice.


Enrollment Services

Nolte Gateway Center, third floor
307-268-2323 or www.caspercollege.edu/enrollment-services

Enrollment services can assist students with admissions, registration, schedule changes, course withdrawals, and financial aid. They provide campus tours and print student IDs. Enrollment Services maintains student academic records. To request a transcript, submit an online request at caspercollege.edu/offices-services/records.

Events and Tickets

Students can use their Casper College IDs for free access to athletic events, excluding tournaments, and theatre and dance events. Students show their IDs at the door for athletic events or at the Gertrude Krampert Center for Theatre and Dance Box Office when they pick up tickets. Other events may be free, such as lectures, gallery openings, artists’ talks, and music events. Check out the Events Calendar and Student Activities links on the website, or facebook.com/CasperCollege for upcoming events.

Financial Assistance

Nolte Gateway Center, third floor
307-268-2323 or www.caspercollege.edu/financial-aid/scholarships

In general, to apply for federal assistance, a student must be enrolled as degree seeking, making satisfactory academic progress, be a U.S. citizen, and must not be in default on prior student loans or convicted of the sale or possession of illegal drugs.

Students should apply for financial aid early by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form available at www.fafsa.ed.gov. FAFSA opens October 1of each year. Degree-seeking students should apply for financial aid whether or not they think they are eligible. Single students under 24 years old with no eligible dependents must provide parent’s information. Students must reapply each year.

Most financial aid awards are applied to the student’s account before the beginning of the semester. Balance checks are available starting the 12th day of class. Students should finalize their schedules by the census date, the 10th day of regularly scheduled class days (fifth day for summer semester), to avoid having their financial aid reduced or canceled and know and maintain the award requirements for receipt and retention.

Fitness Center

Erickson Thunderbird Gym

The Fitness Center is available to students enrolled in PEAC 2001–2005 and 2007. Students who do not require academic credit should enroll in PEAC 2005, which is for audit only. Students in PEAC 2005 pay tuition but they do not pay the per credit hour fee. All students pay the $30 Fitness Course fee. The Fitness Center has cardio equipment, machine and free weights, super circuit, weighted medicine balls, and a stretching area. Go to http://www.caspercollege.edu/fitness-center for hours of operation.

Food Service

307-268-2126 or https://casperdining.sodexomyway.com

Foodservice is available in the Tobin Dining Hall and the Sub Connection, both located on the first floor of the Union/University building, at the Doornbos Coffee Cart in Liesinger Hall, and at the Gateway Cafe on the third floor of the Nolte Gateway Center. All locations offer soups, salads, sandwiches, snacks, Starbucks coffees, and other beverages. Generally, the Tobin Dining Hall serves 19 meals per week: three meals a day Monday through Friday and two meals on Saturday and Sunday.

Students, employees, and community members may purchase meal plans or use T-Bucks or cash to purchase meals. Residence hall students must select a meal plan for their board. Meals provided through a meal plan are available in the cafeteria or meal equivalencies are available at the Doornbos Coffee Cart and Gateway Café. Meal equivalencies are available at the Sub Connection for breakfast and lunch.

Fall semester meal plans begin the first day of classes through the last day of final exams. Spring semester plans begin the first day of classes through commencement. Foodservice is not available between semesters, during spring break, and on dates listed in the Residence Hall Terms and Conditions. Meal plans and Flex Dollars do not carry over from semester to semester.


Purchase meal plans at the Accounting and Financial Management Office in the Nolte Gateway Center. Flex Dollars may be purchased at the Tobin Dining Hall, Doornbos Coffee Cart, and Gateway Cafe. Meal plans, T-Bucks, and Flex dollars are loaded onto the studentsID card.  Students present their ID in the tobin Dining Hall or at any campus food facility. Residence Hall students must have a student ID by their first day of semester.

Visit the Sodexo website at https://casperdining.sodexomyway.com/index.html for meal plan options and hours of operation.


Strausner Hall, Room 221

GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) is a federal grant program designed to increase the number of at risk youth who enter into and succeed in postsecondary education. Casper’s GEAR UP program serves seventh to 12th grade Natrona County youth, college freshmen who have previously participated in GEAR UP, and parents of GEAR UP participants. GEAR UP focuses on enhancing already existing youth services through partnerships and networks in local communities. GEAR UP programs are located on each of Wyoming’s community college campuses and the University of Wyoming campus.

Health Services

Union/University building, Wellness Center, Room 202
307-268-2263 or www.caspercollege.edu/wellness-center/student-health-services

Student Health Services provides physical exams, immunizations, some lab tests, strep throat tests, blood pressure monitoring, urinalysis, emergency first aid, office visits, and medical care coordination within the community, personal health education programs, and consultations for students. Most services are free or income-based. Students must present their student IDs to obtain services. Students may see a general physician for free at the drop-in clinic on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30 p.m. There is also a women’s clinic on Wednesday afternoon. Appointments are required for the women’s clinic.

High School Equivalency Preparation

Werner Technical Center
307-268-2230 or www.caspercollege.edu/alc

The Adult Learning Center offers free assistance to out-of-school adult students, 16 years old and older, who need to improve their basic reading, writing and math skills to reach their educational and employment goals. Educational services are available to speakers of other languages.

Identification Cards

Nolte Gateway Center, third floor

Casper College issues student identification cards to students enrolled in Casper College or affiliated institution credit courses who pay the college’s mandatory per credit fees. A student ID card is required for admittance to college-sponsored activities, to use library services, and to identify students within the college’s information system and records. Students can use the card to get free access to many campus events and services. Student ID cards are available in Enrollment Services. Replacement ID cards are available for a fee.

Internet and Network Resources

Liesinger Hall, Room 3
Information Help Desk located on the lower level of the Goodstein Foundation Library.
307-268-3648, helpdesk@caspercollege.edu or www.caspercollege.edu/doit/services

The college creates Google accounts for registered students in the mycc.caspercollege.edu domain. Student accounts include Gmail and other Google apps including the productivity suite in Google Drive. To access your account, sign into https://launchpad.classlink.com/cc and then sign into any available Google app or sign in directly https://accounts.google.com using your Casper College email address and password.

The Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Suite is free to registered students. The latest version includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote and is available for offline and online use. To access the software, go to Office.com/GetOffice365 and register with your Casper College email address. Download and install on up to five compatible devices, PCs, Macs, and tablets (iPad or Android).

The college provides computers, internet, and network resources to support educational purposes only. Commercial use is prohibited. Users are expected to comply with college policies and local, state, and federal laws. Computer resources are Casper College property; the college may restrict their use. Qualified users include Casper College, UW-Casper, and UND students and employees. The unauthorized use of computer resources violates Wyoming state and U.S. federal law and college policies. Students or employees should not use, access, or attempt to access unauthorized accounts, passwords, or computer resources.


Students are encouraged to have health insurance while attending Casper College. Some programs require health insurance. Students who come from countries without a national insurance plan should contact Enrollment Services to discuss insurance options.


307-268-2269 or www.caspercollege.edu/library

The Goodstein Foundation Library supports teaching and learning at Casper College by providing a program of information literacy instruction designed to ensure students and employees can locate, evaluate, and use information effectively. The library provides a physical book collection of academic titles to support the college curriculum and supplementary collections of children’s, young adult, and popular books. They also carry journals, magazines, and newspapers.

The library provides access to an extensive collection of online research databases, e-books, journals, streaming videos, magazines, and newspapers. Individual research help is available during library hours in person, by phone, email, or appointment. An online FAQ is available on the library’s website when the library is closed. Students and employees have access to library services including course reserves (material set aside for assignments), device checkout, and a wide-reaching interlibrary loan network.

The library offers computer stations, photocopiers/scanners, fax machines, laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, and other devices for student use. Individual and group study rooms are available and may be booked from the library’s website. See the library’s website for more information and policies.

Notary Public

Nolte Gateway Center, third floor
307-268-2622 or www.caspercollege.edu/business-office

A notary public is available free of charge to students and those who need notarized signatures for the completion of official documents.  Check with Accounting and Financial Management for available notaries.

Placement Testing

Nolte Gateway Center, third floor, Student Success Center
307-268-2662 or www.caspercollege.edu/student-success/placement-testing

Students and their advisors use placement exams (ACT and Tailwind), and high school and college transcripts to ensure proper course placement. Casper College staff administer the Tailwind exam on a walk-in basis throughout the week and on most Thursday evenings by appointment. Test scores are not immediately available upon test completion. Students will receive their score reports and Casper College course placement by email in 7 to 10 business days. Go to  http://www.caspercollege.edu/student-success/placement-testing for a detailed monthly schedule. Students must bring a picture ID, provide their Social Security Number, and have a valid e-mail address. Phones, hooded sweatshirts, hats, smart watches and food or drink are not allowed in the testing lab. Contact the Student Success Center for information on which study guide to use to prepare for the exam, cost, and time limits.

The American College Testing program has established the following dates for taking the ACT exam.

Fall Test Dates

2nd Saturday in September
Last Saturday in October
2nd Saturday in December

Spring/Summer Test Dates

1st Saturday in February
3rd Saturday in April
2nd Saturday in June

Access registration deadlines and online registration at www.act.org. Contact Student Success at 307-268-3315 for more information or to sign up for remedial courses designed to improve academic performance.


Nolte Gateway Center, third floor
307-268-2323 or www.caspercollege.edu/financial-aid/scholarships

Casper College awards scholarships based on financial need, academic merit, skills, or activities. Students must apply to be considered. Scholarship information and an online application are available at www.caspercollege.edu/financial-aid/scholarships.

Wyoming high school students who graduated in 2006 or later may qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship. Hathaway Scholarship amounts vary based on the student’s ACT scores, high school GPA, and success curriculum. Contact the Hathaway and program specialist at 307-268-2323 for information.

Single Parent Program

Nolte Gateway Center, Student Success Center, third floor

The Casper College Single Parent Program provides single parents with academic planning and guidance, information on navigating higher education, and financial resources to assist with attending college. Grants are available for qualifying students to cover tuition and offset the cost of textbooks. Qualifying single parents have access to our textbook library, which allows them to borrow required textbooks for the current semester. Additional resources may be available upon request. To receive financial assistance, students must be the custodial parent, registered for courses, and in good academic standing and have not obtained an associate’s degree or higher. This program usually has a two-semester waitlist. Contact the Student Success Center staff to learn more and to access services.

Student Success Center

Nolte Gateway Center, Student Success Center, third floor
307-268-2662 or

The Student Success Center strives to empower students through individualized coaching, counseling, advising, and mentoring to help them achieve their full potential. We offer services that focus on reducing barriers, creating connections to campus and community resources, and preparing students to be successful in college and life. The Student Success Center provides the following services and programs.

  • General Studies Advising
    • Course advisement, selection, and registration and understanding the General Education requirements.
    • Creation of an academic plan
    • Knowledge and understanding of Casper College policies, procedures and resources
    • Exploration of individual career goals, preferences, and skills to help select a major
    • Navigation of administrative procedures such as financial aid, degree checks, and paying for tuition
  • Academic Coaching 
    • Build academic skills such as time management, reading, note taking, organization, test anxiety, etc.
    • Identify challenges and assist with the creation of an action plan
  • Probation and Suspension, http://www.caspercollege.edu/student-success/probation-suspension
    • Individual and group services designed to help students create and execute a plan to get back on track and in good academic standing

Student Username, Password, and Email

Email using a college assigned student email account is Casper College’s official method of communication. Students are responsible for all information sent to them via their Casper College email account. Gmail accounts are created for all registered students in the mycc.caspercollege.edu domain. Student usernames for Casper College Gmail account are firstname.lastname@mycc.caspercollege.edu. For example, Jane Doe is jane.doe@mycc.caspercollege.edu. To log into your email:

  • Go to www.caspercollege.edu
  • Click on “Current Students” and select “Email via ClassLink”
  • Fill in your student username and password
  • Click on “Gmail”
  • Sign in with your student email address and password

Help with Gmail and ClassLink is available at google.com/a/caspercollege.edu/launchpad. If you experience problems with LaunchPad, you may bypass it and log into Gmail directly at accounts.google.com.

Student usernames for WebAdvisor, myCCinfo, LaunchPad, Moodle, computers on campus, and library databases are firstname.lastname. For example, John Doe is john.doe. Students can obtain their username and password from their academic advisor, Enrollment Services, or the IT Help Desk. The last six digits of a student’s social security number is the initial password for WebAdvisor or myCCinfo. Students should change their passwords upon first access to their accounts. Contact the IT Help Desk at 307-268-3648, helpdesk@caspercollege.edu, www.caspercollege.edu/doit/services for help with logging in. 

Testing Center

Thorson Institute of Business, Room 120
307-268-3850 or www.caspercollege.edu/testing

The Testing Center offers a secure, proctored environment for testing needs including makeup and proctored exams for some Casper College courses and ATI nursing exams. Call or email at least 24 hours in advance to make an appointment. Current hours, policies, and additional information are available on the center’s website. Students must present a valid photo ID with their signature or current student ID before testing. The Testing Center is a National College Testing Association certified test center.


Casper College offers a variety of tutoring services to help students succeed.

STEM Learning Center

Wold Physical Science Center, Room 104

The STEM Learning Center provides tutoring for math, physics, chemistry, and engineering. Electronic media including video and microcomputers are available, and they have computer software for tutorial instruction, drills, and practice. Calculators are available for rent on a semester basis for a small fee. The center operates on a drop-in basis; check their website for hours of operation.


NetTutor, an online tutor service, is available to students. Tutoring is available in an extensive number of subjects. Log into Moodle4Me and click on the “Connect on NetTutor” link to access the site.

Statistics Lab

Wold Physical Science Center, Room 323
307-268-3092 or www.caspercollege.edu/statistics

Tutoring and open lab space is available to work on statistics assignments. Check their website for hours of operation.

Writing Center

Strausner Hall, Room 215
307-268-2610 or www.caspercollege.edu/writing-center

The Writing Center is a resource for students and employees, the University of Wyoming at Casper, affiliated institutions, and Casper residents. Trained writing assistants work with authors on writing projects in all disciplines and personal projects such as business and professional correspondence, poetry, fiction, and other genres. Peers, instructors, and community volunteers use a variety of strategies to assist at any stage of a writing project, from generating materials to drafting, revising, and editing of the final version. Writing Center resources include textbooks, professional journals, and teacher preparation materials about writing in all disciplines, plus information on markets and contests for writers. Writing Center services are free.

Veterans Services

Nolte Gateway Center, third floor
307-268-2510 or www.caspercollege.edu/financial-aid/veterans

The special population coordinator assists veterans and eligible dependents to receive and maintain VA educational benefits and set educational goals. Students should contact the coordinator before committing to a specific chapter of the GI Bill to discuss which chapter and combination of benefits will provide the best financial support.

Veterans Center

Goodstein Library, Room 108

The Veterans Center provides space for veterans, service members, and their families to meet others transitioning to student life. Workshops, meetings and other events occur at the center.

Western History Center

Goodstein Foundation Library, Room 203
307-268-2680 or www.caspercollege.edu/whc

The Western History Center acquires preserves, arranges, describes, and provides public access to published and original documentary material of enduring historical value about Wyoming and the West, with a focus on Casper and central Wyoming. Public access is a physical arrangement of providing reference services. The center allows access, reference and delivery services without compromising the preservation of the materials or the legal rights of the creators, donors, subjects, and owners of those materials.

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