Apr 22, 2019  
CC Policy Manual 
CC Policy Manual

CC Policy Manual

Welcome to Your Online Casper College Policy Manual

In an effort to make our policy manual more “user friendly,” the entire manual has been transitioned to an online interactive format.  Each policy, whether it is a newly revised one or an older version, has been incorporated into this manual.  If you are familiar with the Casper College online Catalog, this page and the navigation links to the left will look familiar.
The policies are grouped in the following manner, Board of Trustees, Administration/Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Academics, Student Relations, Safety and Security, and Campus Life.  Landing pages with links to individual policies have all been created, so if you are familiar with the current policy manual online, you will probably want to use these landing pages.  They can all be accessed using the left side navigation. 
If you are not sure which section might have the policy you are looking for, there are a couple of options to find the policy:
  1. Using the left hand navigation, click the “Policy Manual Master List  ” link.  This will take you to a landing page with all the policies listed, and the section it can be found in.
  2. Using the “custom search” button (top left), you can type in a word or words that the policy contains and it will search through the entire database to find all policies where that word or words may be.  Make sure to check the “OTHER CONTENT” radio button so the search will give you just the policy manual custom pages.
Just an FYI… the policy landing pages have the policies split into two sections – those that have been modified through the revision process (policy committee, college council, feedback, final approval, board approval), or are still awaiting revision or deletion.  New and revised policies do not have numbers, nonmodified still have numbers.
One other item to note – at the top right of every policy, there are several icons. Below is an explanation of the icons:
Policy Manual Icon Guide 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this manual, please contact the following people:
  • Policy questions - contact Dr. Laura Driscoll (ext. 2733), Chairperson of the Policy Committee
  • Questions on how to navigate this new online manual, contact Karel Mathisen (ext. 2456), manual formatter.