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CC Policy Manual 
CC Policy Manual

Regulations for Operating Motor Vehicles on Campus (5700:50:01)

Section: Student Services
Subject: Regulations for Operating Motor Vehicles on Campus
Effective Date: August, 1991
Revision Date: June, 1991
Index: 5700:50:01


The following are rules and regulations adopted by the college. These rules and regulations supersede all previous rules and regulations.

Suggestions to improve the parking system and traffic flow on campus are welcome. Any suggestions should be made to the Director of Campus Security at Casper College. The Casper College Campus Security office is located in room 173 in the Administration Building. The Campus Security Director’s Office is located in the College Center, Room 124.


Casper College Security has the responsibility of patrolling the campus and insuring that the provisions of the parking and traffic regulations are observed.


1. These regulations apply to all persons who operate a motor vehicle or bicycle on the streets, parking lots, and roadways owned by Casper College. (A motor vehicle includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, quad runners, etc.)

2. Motor vehicle operators and permit holders agree to abide by these regulations, including the imposition of penalties, monetary or otherwise, as herein provided.

3. No parking will be permitted in the following areas:

A. yellow curb zones.
B. marked pedestrian crosswalks.
C. handicapped spaces, unless proper permits are displayed.
D. fire lanes.
E. visitor and traveling employee zones unless with valid parking permit.

Areas “C” and “D” above will be enforced 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and vehicles in violation may be ticketed, or towed (see section 3) at the owner’s expense. Be aware that some handicapped spaces are much wider than normal parking spaces in order to accommodate wheelchair lifts, etc.

4. Speed limit on campus is 15 MPH on all streets, parking lots, and roadways unless otherwise posted.

5. Pedestrians in crosswalks have the right of way at all times on property owned by Casper College.

6. Casper College is not responsible for any accident or theft to privately owned motor vehicles occurring while on College owned property. Persons using any college street, parking lot, or roadway do so at their own risk.

7. All motor vehicle accidents occurring on the campus, where property damage or injury occur, will be reported to the Campus Security who will report to the Casper Police Department, as required by Wyoming statutes.

8. Parking privileges in “Visitor Parking”, “Casper College Vehicles Only”, and “Traveling Employees” zones are restricted to bonafide visitors, college vehicles (vehicles displaying Casper College license plates), and traveling employees (with specialized temporary stickers displayed). All other vehicles shall not park in these restricted parking zones.

9. Only parking permits authorized by these regulations and issued by Casper College are acceptable. Such things as signs or decals made by or issued by others, including dashboard signs, notes, outdated decals, will not be accepted and will not be recognized by Campus Security Officers.

10. These regulations anticipate certain possible violations by college owned vehicles when necessary for college service personnel in the pursuit of required duties. However, such violations by college vehicles shall not be a precedent or an acceptable excuse for any other individuals or vehicles to violate these regulations.

11. Traffic violations of Casper City codes that occur on campus can be prosecuted in the city courts.

12. Parking in areas outside of the college campus will be subjected to the codes of the city of Casper.

13. Campus parking lots open to vehicles with any type of parking permit are: all lots south of the Business Building; all lots surrounding the Krampert Theatre on the north, south, east and west.

14. All persons who operate a motor vehicle on Casper College property are expected to obey all Wyoming State statutes regarding motor vehicle operations.


1. Faculty and staff vehicle registration: Faculty and Staff will register all vehicles to be used on Casper College campus in room 113 of the Administration Building.

2. Student vehicle registration: At the time of registration, all students who will be operating a motor vehicle on college owned property, must complete a vehicle registration form and turn it in to room 113, Administration Building. Each student residing on campus with a motor vehicle, which is to be operated on the Casper College campus, must display a current parking permit.

3. During the school year, students, faculty, and staff should register newly acquired motor vehicles before they are operated on campus. Students living in campus housing must obtain a temporary permit before parking in the lots near their residences.


1. Types of vehicle parking permits to be issued

Residence Halls: Issued to students who reside in campus residence halls. These permits authorize parking only in the residence hall parking lots. NOTE: Should these vehicles be parked in other areas (Refer to the General Information Section, item 14) between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, they are subject to being issued a parking citation.

Wheeler, Civic, Thorson: Issued to students who reside in Wheeler Terrace, Civic, and Thorson Apartments. These permits authorize parking only in the lot adjoining their individual housing area. NOTE: Should these vehicles be parked in other areas (Refer to the General Information Section, item 14) between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, they are subject to being issued a parking citation.

T.E. (Traveling Employee): Issued each semester upon approval of the Vice President for Instructional Services. Enabling faculty and staff members to park in designated areas throughout campus.

Handicapped: Handicapped permits are now issued by the State of Wyoming. The State permit must be valid and properly displayed. Temporary handicapped permits are available through the Patient Relations Office at the Wyoming Medical Center for those who require handicapped parking for a brief period.

Temporary: Anyone having a registered vehicle who plans to operate a substitute vehicle for some reason (such as repair work) on Casper College owned property, will be issued a temporary permit on the day the vehicle is brought onto college property. Pick up the temporary permit in the Student Services Office, AD 113. The temporary permit will not be valid for more than 10 consecutive days. An additional temporary permit must be issued after the 10th day.

2. All Casper College parking permits, with the exception of the T.E. hanging permits, are to be affixed to the lower left corner of the windshield (drivers side), so as to be easily read from outside of the vehicle. Any vehicle on college property that fails to have a parking sticker affixed properly, fails to keep it affixed and visible in its intended manner and proper place shall be considered in violation. (“Intended Manner” means applying the self-sticking permit directly to the glass. The use of tape or other methods to attach the permit is a violation of the regulations.)


1. Violations of campus parking regulations shall involve the following fines

A. False information on any application or misuse of a parking permit.    10.00
B. Failure to register a motor vehicle or properly display the parking permit or to keep the parking permit attached to the windshield. 10.00
C. Parking in areas not covered by the proper parking permit. 10.00
D. Improper parking - parking in yellow curb area, fire lanes, loading zones, etc., obstructing a crosswalk, parking on sidewalk, and double parking. 10.00
E. Handicapped violation. 100.00
F. Stop sign violation 30.00
G. Careless driving or traffic violation.    30.00

2. Campus traffic and parking regulations shall be enforced by the Campus Security Department and that department shall issue and revoke permits in accordance with these regulations.

3. Any student or employee who repeatedly violates regulations or fails to pay fines is subject to cancellation of his/her parking privileges for the duration of the semester. Vehicles may be towed from college property at the owner’s expense. Vehicles may also be towed from college property at the owner’s expense (1) after repeated warnings, or (2) violator continues to park illegally.

4. The issuance of a citation for a violation does not preclude the issuance of additional citations for the same or a similar violation on subsequent days or on the same day.


1. Payment of violation fines.

All payment of violation fines shall be made within ten (10) school days after date of each violation. Payment of fines may be made at room 103, Administration building between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily. Payment of all $10.00 fines within one day will be discounted 50%. Failure to pay violations will result in action as defined in the “Miscellaneous” section part 2 (Towing and Storage).

2. Collection of fines.

Failure to pay required fines after written notice will result in the following action:
A. Student transcripts will be held until all required violation fines are paid in full.
B. Upon the end of each semester, those students who have dropped out of school, or are unable to continue, and fail to pay their fines will not be allowed to re-enroll until the fine is paid.
C. Casper College employees are expected to pay their fine within a reasonable period of time.

3. Contest.

Persons who wish to contest their parking or traffic violations must meet with the Campus Security director, or his/her designated representative, for an informal review of the matter within 5 school days from the receipt of the ticket.

4. Appeal.

An appeal of an unresolved contested violation must be filed within 30 working days of the date of the violation or within 15 school days from the date of the review by the Director of Campus Security, or his/her designated representative. The appeal must be filed in the Office of the Vice President for Student Support Services. The appeal must be in writing and contain the following information:

A. the name, address, and phone number of the contesting person;
B. a concise description of the violation;
C. a complete statement of the actions taken;
D. a statement of the relief/solution sought.
After reviewing the case records and hearing the appeal, the Vice President will give its written opinion to the person initiating the appeal within 5 school days of the conclusion of the review.


1. Liability.

The person in whose name the vehicle is registered, or if the vehicle is not properly registered, the person who has legal ownership of the vehicle shall be liable for all violations attached to the vehicle and is subject to all fines resulting from the violation(s).

2. Towing and storage.

A. All vehicles towed from college property will be impounded by a contracted towing company and will be held in their yard until the violation fine(s) and impound fees are paid.

B. Any vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense after any or all of the following:

1. Accumulating a record of five (5) or more violations within a semester;
2. Receiving a “Warning of Tow” ticket;
3. Blocking a crosswalk, driveway or parking in a fire lane.

C. The vehicle owner or operator will be charged for any response fee in the event that a towing company has been contracted, even if the vehicle has been moved prior to the response.

D. Vehicles that give the appearance of being abandoned will not be permitted on college property. Any vehicle apparently abandoned (left unattended for more than two (2) school days) will be considered to be dead in storage. If, after attempting to contact the registered owner, the unattended vehicle remains in an abandoned state for two (2) school days, the vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense.