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2019-2020 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Award Recipients

Faculty Awards

Administration/Staff Awards

Burlington Northern Foundation Faculty Achievement Awards

This award was established to recognize outstanding College and University teaching. Sponsored by the Burlington Northern Foundation.

Gale Alexander [1986]
James Howard [1986]

James Milek [1988]
Robert Moenkhaus [1988]

Jon Brady [1990]
Gerald Nelson [1990]

John Schroer [1992]

Tom Clifford [1987]                       
James Best [1987]

Carolyn Logan [1989]
James O’Niell [1989]

Charlene Davis [1991]
Ruth H. Doyle [1991]

Gretchen Wheeler [1993]

Judith Bailey Scully Teaching Award

This award was established to honor faculty who demonstrate academic excellence as characterized by Judith’s outstanding accomplishments as a Casper College and University of Wyoming student.

Jodi Youmans-Jones [2005]

Tammy Frankland [2007]

Ebba Stedillie [2009]

Jessica Hurless [2011]

Dale Anderson [2013]

Gretchen Wheeler [2015]

Art Washut [2017]

Cammy Rowley [2019]

Mickie Goodro [2006]                       

Kendall Jacobs [2008]

Erich Frankland [2010]

Marty Finch [2012]

Paul Marquard [2014]

Ardell Knudson [2016]

Chad Hanson [2018]

Rosenthal Outstanding Educator Award

The Rosenthal Outstanding Educator Award recognizes outstanding Casper College educators who participate in professional organizations or activities and take an active role in community or out-of school cultural activities.

Judy Cavanagh [1987]                                                                            
Director, Nursing Programs

F.E. “Skip” Gillum [1988]
Chair, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Lynn Munns [1989]
Art Instructor and Division Chair

Albert E. “Al” Allen [1990]
Geology Instructor

James Gaither [1991]
Art History and Painting Instructor

Thomas Empey [1992]
Director, Theater

Gale Alexander [1994]
Director/Instructor, Communication Program

Roger Fenner [1995]
Music Instructor

Willard Robinson [1996]
Biology Instructor

Pete Wildman [1997]
Mathematics Instructor

Ebba Stedillie [1998]
Communication, English Instructor

Joan Bangen [1999]
Early Childhood Education Instructor

David Arndt [2000]
Electronic Technology Instructor

Douglas Crowe [2001]
Biology Instructor

Megan Graham [2002]
Electronics Technology Instructor

Erich Frankland [2003]
Political Science Instructor

Ruth Doyle [2004]
Education/Psychology Instructor

C. Evert Brown [2005]
Biology Instructor

Melissa Connely [2006]
Geology Instructor

William Mixer [2007]
Director, Environmental Training and Resource Center

Chad Hanson [2008]
Sociology Instructor

Richard Burk [2009]
Theatre Instructor

Garth Shanklin [2010]
Psychology Instructor

Shawn Powell [2011]
Psychology Instructor

Liz Ott [2012]
Accounting Instructor

Jared Bowden [2013]
Physics Instructor

Dale Anderson [2014]
Fire Science Instructor

Scott Nolan [2015]
General Business Instructor

Sheri Roumell [2016]
Pharmacy Technology Instructor

Jeremy Burkett [2017]
Ag Instructor

Art Washut [2018]
Criminal Justice Instructor

Renee Griffith [2019]
Education Instructor

Richard R. Means [1987]
Director, Testing

Michael H. Sarvey [1988]
Chair, Business

Jean G. Wheatley [1989]
Director, Athletics/Physical Education Instructor

Paul L. Wolz [1990]
English, German, and Humanities Instructor

Helon H. Raines [1991]
English and Writing Center Director

Lynda Durham [1993]
Spanish Instructor

Mary Kubichek [1994]
Legal Assistant Instructor

Cheryl Wrasper [1995]
Nursing Instructor

Gary Becker [1996]
Physical Education, Business Instructor, Women’s Basketball Coach

Kelly Burch [1997]
Agriculture Instructor

Eric Unruh [1998]
Music (Piano) Instructor

Gerald Nelson [1999]
Physical Science Department Chairperson

Gretchen Wheeler [2000]
Communication, Theatre, Forensics Instructor

Clare Eastes [2001]
Education Instructor

Nancy Wright [2002]
Business Office Technology Instructor

Grant Wilson [2003]
Language and Literature Division Chair

Mark Steinle [2004]
Construction/Welding Instructor

Kerri Mahlum [2005]
Early Childhood Education Instructor

Barbara Mueller [2006]
Anthropology & Sociology Instructor

Ann Rognstad [2007]
English and Reading Instructor

Jianjun He [2008]
Music Theory Instructor

Lesley Travers [2009]
Addictionology Instructor

Jean Tichenor [2010]
Music (vocal) Instructor

Kent Sundell [2011]
Geology Instructor

Patrick Patton [2012]
Music Instructor

Jessica Hurless [2013]
Communication Instructor

Heath Hornecker [2014]
Agriculture Instructor

Laurie Weaver [2015]
Radiography Instructor

Debra Swedberg [2016]
Mathematics Instructor

Doug Neubert [2017]
Respiratory Therapy Instructor

Jodi Youmans-Jones [2018]
Theatre Dance Instructor

Terry Rogers [2019]
Communications Instructor

Garth Shanklin Faculty Leadership Excellence Award

The Garth Shanklin Faculty Leadership Excellence Award recognizes a full-time faculty member at Casper College who has distinguished her/himself as a leader in the teaching profession, as evidenced by outstanding contributions to the profession through leadership positions, dedication to his/her students, legislative influence, community service, and/or scholarly work.

Cammy Rowley [2014]
Early Childhood Education Instructor

Erich Frankland [2016]
Political Science Instructor

Kendall Jacobs [2018]
Mathematics Instructor

Claudia Stewart [2015]                                   
Mathematics Instructor

Chad Hanson [2017]
Sociology Instructor

Grant Wilson [2019]
Communication Instructor

Garth Shanklin Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

The Garth Shanklin Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Award recognizes an adjunct faculty member at Casper College who demonstrates exceptional teaching abilities by promoting special learning opportunities, profound student interactions, and innovation in the classroom.

Gail Schenfisch [2014]
Sign Language Instructor

Jennifer Harshman [2016]
Radiography Instructor

Deyonne Jackson [2019]
Education Instructor

Leon Chamberlain [2015]          
Social Work Instructor

Rose Crossen [2018]
Political Science Instructor


Outstanding Administrator Award

The Outstanding Administrator Award is designed to recognize an administrator who demonstrates an outstanding service reputation.

A. LeRoy Strausner [1989]
Dean of Students

Stan McDowell [1991]
Director, Intramurals

R. Lynnette Anderson [1993]
Director, College Library

Jenny Black [1995]
Admissions Coordinator

William Landen [1997]
Director, College Relations

Linda (King) Toohey [2000]
Director, Admission Services

Ron Mathisen [2002]
Buildings Maintenance Supervisor

Mark Robinson [2004]
Campus Security Director

Janet de Vries [2006]
Director, Career Services

Kim Byrd [2009]
Student Success Coordinator

Alison McNulty [2011]
Registrar/Director of Admissions and Student Records

Teresa Wallace [2013]
Director of Counseling

Leanne Sims [2015]
Student Success Counselor

Melissa Stahley-Cummings [2017]
Director of Assessment

Tracy Halsey [2019]
Director of Student Health Services

Paul E. Hallock [1990]
Director, Planning and Development                                          

Garth Shanklin (1992)
Director, Counseling

Russell Poppen [1994]
Director, Student Placement/Career Services

Darry Voigt [1996]
Director, Student Financial Aid

Lynn Fletcher [1999]
Registrar/Coordinator Admissions and Student Records

Shirley Jacob [2001]
Grants Coordinator

Jim Ochiltree [2003]
Vice President Student Services

Barb Meryhew [2005]
Director, Housing/Student Activities

Kevin Anderson [2007]
Western History/Automation Specialist

Lois Davis [2010]
Dean, Educational Resources

Robyn Landen [2012]
Director of Financial Services/Controller

Donna Sonesen [2014]
Director of Early Childhood Learning Center

Lisa Goss [2016]
Veteran and Scholarship Coordinator

Linda Nichols [2018]

Robert O. Durst Classified Staff Award

The Robert O. Durst Classified Staff Award was established to recognize Casper College staff members who possess the qualities of an outstanding classified staff member, is involved and contributes to campus and community activities and has exemplary achievements and/or accomplishments.

Sarah Sulzen [2007]
Academic Assistant, Life Science

Mary Lewellan [2009]
Student Success Specialist

Glenda Pullen [2011]
Executive Asst. Vice President - Academic Affairs

Belle Stapleton [2013]
Custodial Crew Leader

Russell Hawley [2015]
Tate Museum Education Specialist

Danielle Gallegos [2017]
Enrollment Services Specialist

Jean- Pierre Cavigelli [2019]
Museum Collection Specialist


Kathy Coe [2008]
Academic Assistant, Language and Literature              

Robert Taylor [2010]
HVAC Technician

Mike McLemore [2012]
AV Media Instruction Technician

Melody Dugan [2014]
Office Assistant Adult Learning Center

Steve Armijo [2016]
Diesel and Auto Mechanic Crew Leader

Tara Goltermann [2018]
Early Childhood Learning Center Teacher