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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SSC 0000 - Social Science (3CR)

As a result of completing general education courses in this area, students will develop a deeper understanding of the relation of self to the world by investigating the influence of social, cultural, economic, and/or political institutions in shaping human thought, value, and behavior. General Education courses that fulfill this requirement ask students to do five (5) of the following:

  • Use Social Science concepts, theories, and vocabulary to examine social phenomena and human activity.
  •  Examine the role of individuals and institutions within the context of society.
  •  Examine the ways individuals, groups, and institutions shape and are shaped by social phenomena past and present.
  •  Evaluate the ways in which social phenomena inform individual, group, civic, and/or global decision-making.
  •  Examine intersections of social, cultural, economic, and political institutions.
  •  Use critical thinking skills to evaluate information and make informed decisions and evaluations.

AGEC 1010  Agricultural Macroeconomics (3CR), AGEC 1020  Agricultural Microeconomics (3CR), ANTH 1200  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3CR), COMM 1000  Intro to Mass Media (3CR), CRMJ 2120  Intro to Criminal Justice (3CR), ECON 1010  Macroeconomics (3CR), ECON 1020  Microeconomics (3CR), GEOG 1000  World Regional Geography (3CR), PSYC 1000  General Psychology (3CR), SOC 1000  Sociological Principles (3CR)

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