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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MATH 0000 - Math Computation (3CR)

As a result of completing general education courses in this area, students will comprehend and use quantitative concepts and methods to interpret and critically evaluate data and effectively problem-solve in a variety of contexts demanding quantitative literacy. General Education courses that fulfill this requirement ask students to do five (5) of the following:

• Solve quantitative exercises with mathematical concepts, tools, and methods.

• Express quantitative information symbolically, graphically, and in written or oral language.

• Use appropriate strategies/procedures to solve mathematical problems and to interpret, analyze and critique information.

• Recognize, evaluate, and use quantitative information, quantitative reasoning, and technology to support a position or line of reasoning.

• Design and follow a multi-step mathematical process through to a logical conclusion and critically evaluate the reasonableness of the result.

• Use critical thinking skills to evaluate information and make informed decisions and evaluations.

BADM 1005  Business Mathematics I (3CR) (AAS and Certificate ONLY), MATH 1000  Problem Solving (3CR), MATH 1105  Data, Probability, and Algebra for Elementary Teachers (3CR), MATH 1400  College Algebra (4CR), MATH 1405  Trigonometry (3CR), MATH 1450  Algebra and Trigonometry (5CR), MATH 2200  Calculus I (4CR), MATH 2350  Business Calculus (4CR), STAT 2000  Statistics and the World (3CR), STAT 2050  Fundamentals of Statistics (4CR), STAT 2070  Introductory Statistics for Social Science (4CR)

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