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2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Available Funds

Activities Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded through selection by coaches or sponsors in the following activities. All scholarships are subject to the “Scholarship Guidelines .” The coach or sponsor stipulates award amounts. Maintenance of eligibility and prescribed participation level are required to keep the award. They are not guaranteed renewable, but reapplication is permitted.

  • Basketball, Men’s: Dan Russell
  • Basketball, Women’s: Dwight Gunnare
  • Chinook Newspaper: Peter Van Houten
  • Expression Magazine: Terry Rasmussen
  • Forensics: Doug Hall
  • Journalism: Peter Van Houten
  • Livestock Judging: Jeremy L. Burkett
  • Music: Kristen Lenth
  • Rodeo: Tom Parker
  • Student Government: Kim Byrd
  • Student Activities Board: Barb Meryhew
  • Theatre and Dance: William Conte
  • Visual Arts: Mike Olson
  • Volleyball: Angel Sharman

Academic Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded through nomination or application processes for the following academic areas. All scholarships are subject to the “Scholarship Guidelines .” The award amounts vary depending on GPA and hours enrolled. Maintenance of eligibility and prescribed participation level are required to keep the award. They are not guaranteed renewable, but reapplication is permitted.

  • Casper College Academic Scholarship
  • Casper College Achievement Scholarship
  • Casper College Advancement Scholarship
  • Casper College Enrichment Scholarship
  • Casper College Opportunity Scholarship
  • Casper College Trustee Scholarship
  • Dick Means Scholarship
  • WUE Difference Scholarship
  • General Education Development (GED) Scholarship requires an average GED score of 550 with a sub score no lower than 500.

Foundation Scholarships

Casper College has numerous scholarships that are provided by the generous support of donors through the Casper College Foundation. Scholarship information, including specific criteria, application requirements, and deadline dates are available on the STARS application portal. Students can apply for scholarships January 15-March 15 by visiting caspercollege.edu/stars. Contact enrollment services for more information.

State Funded Scholarships

The following scholarships are provided through support from the State of Wyoming. All are subject to the “Scholarship Guidelines .”

Hathaway Scholarships: Hathaway provides up to eight semesters of merit and need-based awards to eligible Wyoming students. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to determine need (the FAFSA is not required for merit Hathaway). Four merit categories varying from $1680 to $3360 per year are available to graduates of eligible Wyoming high schools, high school equivalency certificate (GED or HiSET), and home schooled students, all of whom must meet specific Hathaway success curriculum eligibility requirements.

  • Honors -- $1680 per semester, minimum GPA 3.5 and ACT score of 25 or better.
  • Performance -- $1260 per semester, minimum GPA 3.0 and ACT score of 21 or better.
  • Opportunity -- $840 per semester, minimum GPA 2.5 and ACT score of 19 or better.
  • Provisional Opportunity -- $840 per semester, minimum GPA 2.5 and ACT score of 17 or WorkKeys score of 12 or better. NOTE: Provisional Opportunity Hathaway must initially be used at a community college. An additional four full-time semesters are available at a community college or UW if the student earns a certificate or degree.

Hathaway is available for the equivalent of four full-time semesters (two years) at a community college and four full-time semesters at the University of Wyoming. Continuous enrollment is required. Students may request an extension of the Hathaway if they are entering an eligible professional program. Contact the Hathaway coordinator to request the form. Visit caspercollege.edu/financial_aid/hathaway for more details on the “Success Curriculum Requirements” tab. The Success Curriculum for Wyoming 2016 high school graduates changed from what is required for 2011 through 2015 graduates.

Maintenance requirements include a minimum 2.5 Hathaway GPA for Honors and Performance recipients and 2.25 for Opportunity and Provisional Opportunity. Recipients must complete six hours per semester if paid Hathaway part time, 12 if paid full time. Remedial courses do not count towards Hathaway GPA, hours, or payment. Hathaway scholarships can be earned back depending on original payment and timeframe. For more information or for an application, contact enrollment services or check online at caspercollege.edu/financial_aid/hathaway.

Combat Veterans and Surviving Spouses/Dependents Tuition Benefit: Consists of the Wyoming Vietnam Veterans, Overseas Combat Veterans, Combat Veterans Surviving Spouse, and the Combat Veteran Surviving Orphan programs. Wyoming residency is a consideration for all four parts. Special application is required with a copy of DD-214 or DD-215. Contact enrollment services for more details.

County Commissioners Scholarship: Student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and apply in the county in which the student lives.

EMT, Firefighter and Peace Officers Surviving Dependents Tuition Awards: Authorized by the Wyoming State Legislature, these awards will have special application and eligibility requirements. Contact enrollment services for more information.

Wyoming Quality Counts: Wyoming Quality Counts Scholarship is available to current degree-seeking students at Casper College who work in a licensed childcare center.

Private Agency and Service Club Scholarships

Many outside organizations have provided applications for Casper College degree-seeking students. For the most current list, go to caspercollege.edu/financial_aid/scholarships. All scholarships are subject to the “Scholarship Guidelines .”

Other Financial Assistance Programs

Martha Vucurevich Trust Scholarship is available to KWHS and NCHS graduates with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better. The awarded amount varies. Students apply online through the scholarship portal at caspercollege.edu/stars.

Richardson Scholarship is available to graduates of Casper and Cheyenne public high schools. This scholarship provides awards based on financial need for up to six semesters at Casper College or a combined total of eight semesters at Casper College and the University of Wyoming. It requires a 2.0 GPA for consideration and at least 12 graduation credits attempted. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and complete 24 hours each year for continued eligibility. Students can use Hathaway and Richardson together. Note: students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year to apply for this award annually.

Student Employment Programs: Employment opportunities available include the Work-Study Program, on-campus departmental positions, and community part-time employment. Students interested in working on or off campus, should register for employment consideration with the career center.

College Loan Funds: Casper College has short-term loan funds available. Consult with accounting and financial management about the procedures required to qualify for a short-term loan.

Veterans Benefits: Talk with the Casper College veteran coordinator before you obligate yourself to a specific chapter of the GI Bill. The coordinator can assist you in selecting the chapter and combination of benefits that will help you meet your educational goals and provide the best financial support during your enrollment. Enrollment services assists the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) in providing certification for the following education benefits.

  • Chapter 30 (Montgomery G.I. Bill)
  • Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation)
  • Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 G.I. Bill) for veteran and dependent
  • Chapter 35 (Dependents Educational Assistance)
  • Under Title 10, U.S. Code
  • Chapter 1606 (Selected Reserve/National Guard Members)
  • Chapter 1607 REAP (Reserve Education Assistance Program)
  • Wyoming National Guard Tuition Assistance
  • Combat Veterans and Surviving Spouses/Dependents Tuition Benefit

Visit caspercollege.edu/financial_aid/veterans for the required paperwork and veteran coordinator contact information.