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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Resources

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Campus Housing

Residence Hall and Wheeler Terrace

Campus housing is provided in the Residence Hall and Wheeler Terrace for full-time (12 hour), unmarried degree-seeking students. Both are three-story buildings providing ready access to the centers of campus activity. Casper College recommends the on-campus living experience as an integral part of the total educational process but does not require students to live in campus housing.

Students residing in the Residence Hall are expected to behave responsibly. Existing regulations set the foundation for an educationally sound atmosphere within the building and on campus. Students are allowed to regulate their own hours; no curfew is imposed. Each student receives a building key.

Students who live in the Residence Hall are required to purchase a cafeteria meal plan. Wheeler Terrace residents are not required to purchase a meal plan, but may if they choose.

A $200 deposit must accompany each application for Residence Hall reservations. Contact the student life director for reservation deposits and campus housing information.

See the “Payments” section for housing payment information.

Single Student Apartments

Civic Apartments include 12 one-bedroom unfinished apartments, which are available for people who are 23 years old or older. Up to two people may live in an apartment, which rents for $600 per month. Thorson Terrace Apartments include eight one-bedroom apartments that rent for $600 per month, including utilities, Internet service, and local telephone service. Thorson apartments are furnished, but occupants must provide their own utensils, dishes, bedding, and linen. The applicant’s age, record of responsibility, and class status are considered when assigning apartments. A $200 damage deposit is required.

* Housing costs are subject to change without notice.

Academic Testing Center

Thorson Institute of Business, Room 120
307-268-3850 or caspercollege.edu/testing

The Academic Testing Center (ATC) offers a secure, proctored environment for a range of testing needs. The ATC offers make-up exams and proctored exams for some Casper College courses and ATI nursing exams. Call or email to make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Current hours, policies, and additional information are available on their website. Students must present a valid photo ID that includes their signature or current student ID to be admitted for testing. The ATC is a National College Testing Association certified test center.

Computer Laboratories

There are Windows and Mac computer labs available on campus for general student access, and there are several departmental computer labs. Consult a department member to determine departmental computer lab availability. Computer labs have word processing, spreadsheet and database software, and Internet access. Software used for specific disciplines is available in certain labs.

Computer, Internet, and Network Resources

Liesinger Hall, Room 3
Information Help Desk located on the lower level of the Goodstein Foundation Library.
307-268-3648 or caspercollege.edu/doit

The college provides computer, Internet, and network resources to support educational purposes only. Commercial use is prohibited. Users are expected to comply with college policies and local, state, and federal laws. Computer resources are the property of Casper College; the college may restrict their use. Qualified users include Casper College, UW-Casper, and UND students, faculty, and staff. The unauthorized use of computer resources violates Wyoming state and U.S. federal law and college policies. Students, faculty, or staff should not use, access, or attempt to access unauthorized accounts, passwords, or computer resources.

Digital Learning Center

Liesinger Hall, Room 132
307-268-3882 or caspercollege.edu/dlc

Distance education refers to courses offered outside of a traditional classroom setting using a variety of delivery technologies. These courses conform to the standard college instructional calendar and provide flexible scheduling options and the opportunity to participate from convenient locations.

Casper College offers online and hybrid courses. Online courses are taught entirely over the Internet and identified as section N1, N2, etc. and NET under the delivery mode. Hybrid courses are a combination of online and in-class instruction, reducing in-class time. They are identified as section H1, H2, etc. and LAL and NET under delivery mode. Students should check with their instructors for more information. Online and hybrid courses require the same prerequisites, admissions and registration procedures, and learning objectives as on-campus courses. Students participating in online coursework are required to have Internet access. Proctored exams may be required for some courses.

Mathematics Learning Center

Wold Physical Science Center, Room 104
307-266-3847 or caspercollege.edu/mathematics

The Mathematics Learning Center is available to all students. The center’s supervisor and student tutors are available for assistance. Electronic media including video and microcomputers are available and they have computer software for tutorial instruction, drills, and practice. Calculators are available for rent on a semester basis for a small fee. The center operates on a drop-in basis; check their website for hours of operation.


Casper College offers SMARTHINKING, an online tutor service open to all students. Available subjects include accounting, economics, statistics, chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physics, introductory finance, and Spanish. Live help is available for writing and math. Log into caspercollege.edu/dlc and click on the “Smartthinking” link to access the site.

Writing Center

Strausner Hall, Room 215
307-268-2610 or caspercollege.edu/writing_center

The Casper College Writing Center is a resource for Casper College students, faculty, staff, UW-Casper and affiliated institutions, and Casper residents. Trained writing assistants work with authors on writing projects in all disciplines and personal projects such as business and professional correspondence, poetry, fiction, and other genres. Peer, faculty, and community volunteers use a variety of strategies to assist at any stage of a writing project, from generating materials to drafting, revising, and editing of the final version. The Casper College Writing Center resources include textbooks, professional journals, and teacher preparation materials about writing in all disciplines, plus information on markets and contests for writers. Writing Center services are free.

Notary Public

A notary public is available to all students and those who need notarized signatures for completion of official documents. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this free service at the accounting and financial management office.

Student Health Insurance

All students are encouraged to have health insurance while attending Casper College. Some programs require health insurance. Students may purchase an accident and sickness insurance plan from Student Assurance Services. This plan is open to all students taking three or more credit hours per semester. For more information, enrollment materials, and registration go to sas-mn.com or pick up a brochure from student services or the wellness center. Students who come from countries without a national insurance plan can purchase Casper College’s International Student Insurance through Student Insurance Services, which covers repatriation expenses. Contact enrollment services at 307-268-2220 for more information.

The college’s insurance policy does not cover students’ property damage/loss claims, unless college negligence is proven. Students may wish to purchase renter’s insurance or check with their family’s insurance agent to determine if added coverage is necessary.

Student Identification Cards

Walter H. Nolte Gateway Center, third floor

Casper College issues student identification cards to any student enrolled in a Casper College or affiliated institution credit course who pays the college’s mandatory student fees. A student ID card is required for admittance to college-sponsored activities, library services, and it is used to identify students within the college’s information system and records. Students can use the card to get free access to many campus events and services. Student ID cards are available in enrollment services. There is a fee for replacement ID cards.


Strausner Hall

GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) is a federal grant program designed to increase the number of at risk youth who enter into and succeed in post-secondary education. Casper’s GEAR UP program serves seventh to 12th grade Natrona County youth and their parents. GEAR UP focuses on enhancing already existing youth services through partnerships and networks in local communities. GEAR UP programs are located at each of Wyoming’s community college campuses and on the University of Wyoming campus.

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