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Catalog 2012-2013 
Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



The Casper College District Board

Kathy Dolan

3811 S. Oak St., 82601

Charles Robertson

3540 S. Oak St., 82601
Vice President

Bill M. Hambrick

820 Devonshire Place, 82609

Dr. Scott Bennion

2546 E 2nd St., Ste 400, 82609

Roy Cohee

5409 East 21st St., 82609

Bob Despain

123 West First St. Ste 620, 82601

Susan D. Miller

P.O. Box 51950, 82605-1950

Central Administration

Walter H. Nolte, President

A.A. Tacoma Community College
B.A. University of Puget Sound, Washington
M.A. University of Puget Sound, Washington
Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin

R. Tim Wright, Vice President for Academic Affairs

B.A., East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
M.A., East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
Ed.D., East Carolina University, Greenville NC

Joanna Anderson, Vice President for Student Services

A.A. North Central Missouri College, Trenton
B.S. University of Missouri, Columbia
M.S. William Woods University, Fulton
Ed.D., University of Missouri, Columbia

Lynnde Colling, Vice President for Administrative Services

B.S. University of Wyoming
M.P.A. University of Wyoming
C.P.A. State of Wyoming
Advance Graduate Study, Colorado State University

Richard K. Fujita, Director of Public Relations

A.A.S. Northwest College
B.A. Ohio State University

Academic Deans

Laura Driscoll, Continuing Education and Community Partnerships

B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. (University of North Dakota)

Trevor Mahlum, Educational Resources

B.S. (Union College, Lincoln, NE)
M.S. (University of Wyoming)

Lesley Travers, School of Business and Industry

B.S. (University of Montana)
M.S. (University of Wyoming/Casper College)
Ph.D. (University of Wyoming)

Eric Unruh, School of Fine Arts and Humanities

B.A. (Bethany College)
M.M., D.M. (Northwestern University)

Tammy Frankland, School of Health Science

B.A. (University of Rochester)
M.A. (University of Oklahoma)
Ph.D. (Colorado State University)

Grant W. Wilson, Interim Dean, School of Science

B.S. (University of Wisconsin — Whitewater)
M.A. (Northern Illinois University)
Ph.D. (University of Texas - Austin)

Shawn D. Powell, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

A.S. (Community College of the Air Force)
B.S. (University of Oklahoma)
M.A. (University of Central Oklahoma)
Ph.D. (University of Northern Colorado)